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The Williamson Museum on The Chisholm Trail

8 Chisholm Trail
Round Rock, TX

We invite you to experience the heritage of our community. The Williamson Museum on The Chisholm Trail offers a variety of ways for you to engage and interact with the past. Whether you are a student doing research, a new resident of the fastest growing county in the country, someone who loves to preserve and care for local history or a couple looking to get married in a beautiful setting, we have something for each of you. Become a member today and discover the stories of Williamson County. The Williamson Museum provides fun for learners of all ages. From the intriguing topics of The Salon at Wildfire to the engaging activities of Hands on History, there is something for everyone. We welcome you to join us in learning about our past and present.    
The Williamson Museum on The Chisholm Trail
The Williamson Museum on The Chisholm Trail logo
  • Saturday 10 am to 3 pm
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