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Champion Fields at Old Settlers Park – Softball

3300 Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX

In 2007 the Round Rock City Council approved the issuance of $12.5 million in certificates of obligation to help fund $18.2 million of improvements to Old Settlers Park, which included the Champion Fields at Old Settlers Park - Softball. The improvements to the park included major renovations to the existing 20 baseball fields and construction of a 5-field softball complex.

*Pitching Rubber varies: 35,40,43 ft | 1st & 3rd Bases vary: 55, 60, 65 ft

Field NameCenter Field & Fence HeightField Lighting
1b. Fernandez Field200 ft; 8′Yes
2b. Richardson Field200 ft; 8′Yes
3b. Douty Field200 ft; 8′Yes
4b. Hall of Fame Field200 ft; 8′Yes
5b. Raymond Field200 ft; 8′Yes
Champion Fields at Old Settlers Park – Softball
Aerial view of Champion Fields at Old Settlers Park - Softball fields
  • Hall of Fame Softball Complex – Fields 1b-5b, Ages 5U to NCAA
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