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Chisholm Trail Area

14 Chisholm Trail
Round Rock, TX 78681

The Chisholm Trail Area is where Round Rock was established, it all started where the Chisholm Trail crossed Brushy Creek.  The Brushy Creek low water crossing was marked with a round, table-shaped rock that gave the town its name.  Later the railroad was extended to a location 3/4 mile away, and commercial activity followed.  The area by the station then became known as New Town (now Downtown) and the original settlement as Old Town. View the historic area Walking Guide.
Chisholm Trail Area
Chisolm Trai Area
Historic Sites:
  • A: Awald House | 20 Chisholm Trail -- Dailey Store | 18 Chisholm Trail
  • B: Sellstrom House | 14 Chisholm Trail/1 Poker Alley
  • C: St. Charles Hotel, Post Office/Harris Store | 8 Chisholm Trail
  • D: Harris/Ross House | 4 Chisholm Trail
  • E: Sansom House | 2 Chisholm Trail
  • F: Inn at Brushy Creek | 1000 N. IH-35
  • G: McNabb-Quick House | 603 Chisholm Trail
  • H: Todd Residence/Mexican Schoolhouse | 716 Chisholm Trail
  • I: The Round Rock
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