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Dr. R.L. Peters Jr. Field at Dragon Stadium

300 North Lake Creek Drive
Round Rock, TX

The Dr. R.L. Peters Jr. Field at Dragon Stadium provides the following amenities: One regulation football field and track. HOME SIDE PRESS BOX Press Box is 2 levels, approximately 1000 sq. ft. 1st floor has a radio room, press room, scoreboard and message center control room, announcer booth, and refreshment area. 2nd floor has a radio/tv room, film deck, and home coaches booth. Visitor radio booth on 1st floor seats 3. Home coaches’ booth on 2nd floor seats 5. Home radio booth on 2nd floor seats 4. Refreshments provided on 1st floor. Video balcony on 2nd floor. Soft drinks are provided on both floors.
  VISITOR SIDE PRESS BOX Press Box is 1 level. Visiting coaches booth seats 6. Soft drinks are provided.
  FIELD SURFACE The field is an ASTROPLAY artificial playing surface. Excellent drainage provides a great surface in all conditions.
  CONCESSION STANDS & RESTROOMS Concession stands are located on each side of the stadium. Men/Women restroom facilities are located at each end of Home and Visitor stands.
Dr. R.L. Peters Jr. Field at Dragon Stadium

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