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Round Rock Honey

1308 Chisholm Trail
Round Rock, TX 78681


PRICING: Adults: $20, Kids (17 and under): Free
Round Rock Honey now offers one hour factory tours on Saturdays. The tours highlight the history of Round Rock Honey in addition to discussing our unique hives and harvesting methods. You'll see our tanking process along with the new bottling and labeling line. Each tour concludes with a honey tasting, the opportunity for kids to take photos wearing beekeeper gear, and the opportunity to pick-up our honey, lip balm, beeswax candles and much more. *This tour is indoors and does not involve live bees.*

Scheduling a group tour (15 or more people), outside of these times can be done by contacting J, at 512-401-3042.

Round Rock Honey Bottle on production line
Round Rock Honey

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