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Chicken Express

3220 E Palm Valley Blvd
Round Rock, TX 78665

The Chicken Express concept was born in 1988 in Benbrook, Texas. The first Chicken Express franchise store was opened in 1990. Today there are more than 100 locations spread across four states.

Stuart Group, Inc., doing business as Chicken Express, (“Chicken Express”) is a Texas corporation formed by Richard and Nancy Stuart. Chicken Express was started by the Stuarts after they spent over a decade as franchisees of another quick service restaurant business.

Chicken Express believes that an important element to its franchise system is the owner/operator philosophy. When an operator of a restaurant is also the owner, then he tends to pay particular attention to all of the details required for serving high quality food, with wonderful customer service at reasonable prices. In furtherance of this philosophy, Chicken Express seeks the finest, hardest working individuals to open new franchise locations across the Southwest.

If you have not eaten at a Chicken Express store, please visit our store near you.
Chicken Express
Chicken Express
  • Monday–Saturday 10am - 9pm
  • Sunday 9am - 9pm
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