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Fuego Latino Gastropub

206 North Mays Street
Round Rock, TX

Fuego Latino is a family-owned restaurant and a great dream of Mexican immigrant and former 25-year Executive Chef, Jorge Alcocer, also known as Chef Mario Alcocer. He’s a proud family man, married for 21 years to his very supportive wife Aracely. Together they have three wonderful children: Daisy, Ivan and Danny.

Chef Jorge Alcocer started his culinary career at the age of 18 and learned that hard work, dedication, discipline and passion for what he does would pay off. He worked for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts since 1991, where he was promoted to Restaurant Chef, Banquet Chef and eventually as Sous Chef-Garde Manager. There he learned and absorbed as much as he could to make his dream of owning his own restaurant a reality. His long career has taken him to Central and South America, working with many great people who shared their rich food and culture with him.

In November of 2006, Chef Alcocer was part of the Four Seasons opening team in Westlake Village, California, and in early 2009 was promoted to Executive Chef. Pulling from past experiences and what he’s learned from working with many great chefs, he embraced every opportunity he was given and is now the proud owner of Fuego Latino Gastropub. Here he will convey, in his own style, the many authentic flavors of Latin food. We hope you join us on this exciting new adventure and make us your favorite place for food and drink! We’ll take good care of you.

Our mission is to provide a memorable experience with rich Latin American food culture presented with appealing color and flair, and most importantly, respecting the flavors. Our Service team is ready to walk you through our dinner concept and answer any questions during your dining experience.

Fuego Latino Gastropub
  • Closed Mondays
  • Tuesday-Saturday Brunch 9am - 2pm Lunch 11am - 2pm Dinner 6pm - 10pm
  • Happy hour 5pm - 6pm
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