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Greenhouse Craft Food

1400 E. Old Settlers Ste. 110 Round Rock
TX 78664,

Greenhouse Craft Food is a casual Farm to Table Restaurant for the suburbs. We offer a static menu of your favorite local menu items and a rotating menu of super local chef specials to mix it up. We care about the kids with antibiotic-free, hormone-free beef and whole meat chicken. We’re offering kid’s specials to mix it up for them too! Do you want to eat real food? Do you want to know where your food came from? Eat at Greenhouse Craft Food. Sourcing from the best Texas sources as often as possible, and giving you the choice to feed yourself and your family real food. Your kids will love real chicken nuggets, and you will love nightly chef specials including all of your favorite Texas flavors. Lunch includes anti-biotic/hormone free burgers and artisan buns, un-cured dogs, all-natural chicken, wild caught Gulf shrimp and more! Oh yeah, and breakfast seven days a week!
Greenhouse Craft Food
Greenhouse Craft Food
  • Mon - Thurs 11AM-9PM
  • Fri 11AM-9PM
  • Sat 9AM-9PM
  • Sun 9AM-3PM
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