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Summer Moon Coffee

200 University Boulevard
Round Rock, TX

On the 27th of June, 2002, our family opened Summer Moon Coffee in Austin, Texas. We began, simply as a coffee bar, but quickly our attention turned to coffee roasting. In 2004, inspired by the early American coffee roasters and the simplicity of their tools: brick, fire and wood, we set out to craft custom coffee roasts we can be truly proud to call our own.

The master blacksmith does not improve through the years by upgrading their anvil, forge or hammer. Their craft is only heightened by the creativity, passion and experience put into it. The same is true for the artisan craft of wood-fired coffee roasting.

With no blueprints to follow, no Wikipedia page to reference, we designed and built our roaster from scratch, and laid each and every brick by hand. The fire and brick have remained the same but our craft has evolved through the ten years we've dedicated to mastering this art and to learning about the natural affinity between coffee, wood and flame.

If you ask why we invested everything we have in 19th century technology . . . you haven’t tasted our coffee. With two generations at the helm, this is a true labor of love. This is coffee unplugged.

Summer Moon Coffee

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