2018 McNeil Cross Country Invitational

We are pleased to invite your team to the 26th annual McNeil Cross Country Invitational to be held on Saturday, September 28 at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, TX. It is our goal to provide your team with an enjoyable and competitive experience on the best course in the state of Texas. The Old Settlers course has not only been the traditional site for the UIL State Championships for the past 24 years, but has served as the host site for numerous District Championships, USATF championships, and local 5 & 10K competitions.

TEAM LIMITS for all divisions (10 runners only)

The cost will be $150.00 per team per division; or $20 per individual entry


Jr. High teams will be charged $100 per boys team & $100 per girls team (NO REFUNDS!)

ONLY 7th or 8th Graders

High School Teams and Middle School will need to enter their runners online at the following website:



Athletic.net this is not the site to enter for this meet

IF YOU USE ATHLETIC.NET you will not be entered in this meet

Online entries on Directathletics.com will begin in July 1st and will close on (MONDAY) September 23rd at 11:59pm. ABSOLUTELY NO LATE ENTRIES OR CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED after MONDAY.

For directathletics.com, you simply select which runners on your roster will participate…no divisions will be listed. Since the meet is chip driven, there is no need to register for a specific division. The chip will place your runner in their division as they cross the finish line for their particular race. Please run in your proper division. Teams that are no-shows will be charged for their number of entries. If your team registers on directathletics.com and does not show up, then your athletic office will receive a bill for the number of runners you entered. If you do not plan to run, then please do not register…thanks!

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