The Spookout 3v3 tournament is the best Halloween tournament in town to show your tricks and treat yourself to a night of fun! Hosted by Round Rock Soccer Association and supported by Lonestar SC, the Spookout 3v3 features bounce houses, costume awards, face painting and more!

All games will be played at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex (RRMC) on the turf fields.

Click here for registration.



U8 – U17/18 Boys & Girls Brackets
Under 30 Brackets
Over 30 Brackets
4 games guaranteed in one night
10-minute halves, 3-minute halftime

Team Entry Fee:

Regular Registration: $199 team fee (Sept 14th – Oct 21st)
Early Bird Registration: – $185 per team (Aug 1st – Sept 13th)

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