Photo of youth football players at the Texas Youth Football All-Star Showcase

Texas Youth Football All-Star Showcase 2019

Dates: February 15-17, 2019

Location: Round Rock Multipurpose Complex

Registration: Team App

Greetings Texas Youth Football Showcase Attendees!

Please note the following policies as you prepare for this event:

The Round Rock Multipurpose Complex does not allow staking of any tents, canopies or similar apparatus on or around its playing fields. Staking is only permitted in designated exterior and festival areas away from playing fields. Sunflower seeds are not permitted anywhere within the facility. Grills, generators, drones, or related equipment are also not allowed in the facility.

Please help us keep our facility clean!

Round Rock Multipurpose Complex Policies:

For additional information or concerns about our policies, please contact the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex staff.

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