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USA Goaltimate is proud to present the second ever Goaltimate National Championships in Round Rock, TX on March 2-3, 2019. The tournament has no geographic restrictions, and no qualification process: just get your team together and come on down for the best weather, BBQ, field site, and competition you could ask for.

Tournament Details:

What is Goaltimate?

Fast-paced and physical, it is the half-court basketball of ultimate. Continuous play and a shorter stall count give players a more aerobic workout, and emphasizes multiple quick passes over hucks. With only four players per team on the field at once, and hockey-style subbing, every player is guaranteed to be involved with the game or play at hand.

Goaltimate has the same base rules as ultimate: move the disc from person to person to score in an endzone, players must stop and set a pivot foot while in possession of the disc, no intentional fouling or stripping of the disc. 

USA Goaltimate players