Value of Practice Photography Workshop

This 2.5 hour workshop provides insight for ensuring that exceptional photo opportunities aren’t missed!  Momentary light shafts disappear; wildlife scampers and flies; rainbows fade; kids’ expressions change; and guides move us along. Photographers can drastically decrease the probability of “missing the shot” by employing some proven techniques to prepare for likely situations and by employing ‘practice exercises’ to become much more proficient in making rapid settings changes for unexpected situations.  The content will include a proven method for developing a systematic and organized series of test and practice shots to produce the technical “experience” most likely needed to “get the shot,” when the opportunity comes to produce evocative art.

Instructor Bio:

For 20+ years Ted Keller was trained in photography by National-Geographic-published photographers and many other acclaimed professional photographers and instructors as a participant, co-owner, and officer of a prominent photography workshop company sponsored by Nikon Inc.  His work has been published nationally and is exhibited and sold throughout Texas.  Ted is a photo judge for the North American Nature Photography Association’s College Scholarship Program, and served as the photography judge for the Round Rock Arts 2018 Imagine Exhibit. He has been teaching photography classes locally for 7 years. Ted Keller recently served 2 terms as the President of the Williamson County Art Guild.

His images have been published by: the Austin American Statesman; Bee Culture magazine (cover); GAPW, Inc.; Guestlife Houston (Desert Publications, Inc.); IBM Corporation; Nature Photographer magazine; Paradise Promotions; Reiman Media Group, Inc.; RSI Consulting, Inc.; the Wildlife Trust of North America, Inc.; and World Vision International.

Ted has published an inspirational book based on his nature photos, “Fifty Feisty Photos for Daily Encouragement,” sold online and in bookstores nationwide. In 2014 Ted’s photographic work placed first nationally in the National Park Foundation’s ‘Summer Scrapbook’ competition “Action and Adventure” category. His images are regularly on exhibit and for sale in the “Gallery Off The Square” inside The Framers Gallery located at 610 S. Main St. in Georgetown.

 website: www.photographybytedkeller.com

Refunds will not be issued in the event of a no-show or if we receive cancellation notification from class attendee less than 24 hours in advance of event.

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