Spots That Rock- Greenhouse Craft Food

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The event of eating out always starts with one question, “What sounds good?” Maybe you are thinking of authentic Italian, mouthwatering Texas barbecue, or a farm-to-table dish made with locally sourced ingredients. Thanks to chef Rob Snow, you can now satisfy your craving at his Round Rock restaurant, Greenhouse Craft Food. This farm-to-fork favorite is transforming the local ingredients of Round Rock into fresh eats with a signature Texas twist.  

A Passion For Local

Executive chef and owner of Greenhouse Craft Food, Rob Snow, began his culinary journey in Las Vegas. Rob had decided he wanted a career change, enrolled in culinary school, and quickly applied his skills working at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. After four years of working at the hotel, Rob and his wife moved back to his home state of Texas. He landed an executive chef role at The Mansion at Judges Hill (now Hotel Ella) in Austin, Texas, and discovered his passion for working with local ingredients. Rob had access to local farms, local butchers, and local purveyors and saw the beauty of partnering with the community to create delicious food. With a dream to open a restaurant of his own on the horizon, he and his family decided to start a new chapter in Round Rock where they knew the dream would become a reality.

A Fresh Opportunity

After Rob and his family arrived in Round Rock, they were met with an abundance of locally grown ingredients. He quickly seized the opportunity to open Greenhouse Craft Food in 2013, paving the way for farm-to-table fare. Families and visitors in Round Rock have been enjoying sustainably grown, antibiotic-free, and pesticide-free Texas comfort food ever since. The best part is that local vendors deliver these farm-fresh ingredients right to the Greenhouse Craft Food back door. You can’t get fresher than that!

A Taste of Central Texas

If you are searching for an authentic taste of Texas, Greenhouse Craft Food is the place to go. Start off your meal by snacking on the Green Chile Queso, a true Texas staple. Next, indulge in the Yardbird Burger: an all-natural chicken burger with Round Rock Honey-Chipotle sauce and queso fresco for some bold Texas flavor. Greenhouse also has an impressive assortment of rotating Texas wines and craft beers to pair with your meal and discover “what is happening with craft beer and wine in Texas” says Snow.

Visiting from out of town? We want to make sure you experience all of the dishes worth writing home about, so we asked the chef what you need to try during your visit. Here are just a few of the menu items Rob recommends:

Poblano Gouda Soup

This #1 seller is Texas in a cup. In the words of the chef, “If you are from out of town and you want to know what Texas tastes like I would say you would eat a cup of our poblano gouda soup.”

Greenhouse BLT

This menu favorite is made all the more delicious thanks to the fresh ingredients like local tomatoes, and a farm-fresh egg. Top that with locally sourced sourdough bread, bacon, greens, mayo, and jalapeno maple jelly for a Texas twist. You will be dreaming of seconds.

Beef Ribs

To finish off your flavor journey of Texas, order a plate of Greenhouse’s Beef Ribs, which Snow says, “really tastes like Texas.” These finger-licking ribs are smoked with oak and mesquite, fried with a corn starch crust, and covered with a unique spicy root beer glaze.

Additionally, make sure to stop by for dinner and enjoy one of Greenhouse’s carefully crafted specials for an elevated experience.

A Memorable Trip

Get a real taste of Texas at Greenhouse Craft Food when you visit Round Rock! Greenhouse is also offering online orders so you can enjoy their delicious bites at home!

Now that you have got your farm-to-table fix, check out our dining page to discover more spots that rock!