12 Smoothie, Juice, and Froyo Spots in Round Rock, TX!

Start the fresh year with freshly-squeezed juice! If you’re eager to stick to a New Year’s resolution or just in the mood for a refreshing snack, we scouted out prime spots in our city. Enjoy raw juice, nutritious smoothies, protein-packed shakes, and probiotic-filled froyo during your visit. Here is a blend of places that are serving up revitalizing treats!

1.) Kawaii’s Shaved Ice

Photo by: @txdeaver

You won’t be able to tell if you’re in Round Rock or beachside when you visit Kawaii’s Shaved Ice. Kawaii’s shaved ice has been in Round Rock for 22 years and is a local favorite! They specialize in shaved ice, but they also have refreshing smoothies on their menu. They have flavors like peach, passion fruit, and strawberry for you to savor.

2.) Teapioca Lounge

Photo of a strawberry smoothie at Teapioca Lounge
Photo by: @teapiocalounge

Welcome to drink paradise! Sip the day away at the Teapioca Lounge. This unique drink lounge offers Taiwanese delicacies, fresh fruit juice, boba tea, herbal teas, smoothies, and more. They use fresh ingredients in their drinks and their smoothies are always made with real fruit.

3.) Mad Greens

Photo of a bottle of green juice and lime and oranges in the background.
Photo by: @madgreenseatbetter

You’ll be glad you got in a serving of fruits and veggies at Mad Greens! This clean eatery serves up custom salads, soups, and juice with locally sourced ingredients. Some of their juice creations are “Wake Up,” made with raw apples, carrots, and oranges, and “Green Detox,” made with spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger root, and Mad spice.

4.) The Yogurt Experience

Photo of froyo topped with granola and berries.
Photo by: @theyogurtexperience

Experience yogurt bliss at The Yogurt Experience. This family-owned yogurt shop is a must-visit spot. They have rotating flavors throughout the year and a special YoCream frozen yogurt with live cultures and beneficial probiotics. They also offer no-sugar-added and dairy-free options. Their toppings are fresh and pair perfectly with any yogurt blend.

5.) Blend Round Rock

Photo of three healthy protein shakes.
Photo by: @blend_roundrock

We know what you’re thinking. The shakes in the photo look too delicious to be healthy! We were shocked too, but believe it or not; these have 250 calories, 24g of protein, 21 vitamins and minerals, and they are dairy-free! Blend is a healthy protein and energy cafe that has sugar-free, dairy-free, and protein-packed options without compromising taste!

6.) First Watch- Day Time cafe

Phot of cup that says "Don't skip a beet."
Photo by: @trinivegan

Don’t skip a beet and head over to First Watch for their divine juices! They offer cold squeezed orange juice, a “Morning Meditation Juice,” with fresh orange, lemon, organic ginger, agave nectar, and beet. They also have a “Kale Tonic Juice,” full of healthy kale goodness. If you want to take your juice to the next level, you can add a wellness shot of vitamins B3, C & D, zinc, echinacea and elderberry!

7.) Smoothie King

Photo of strawberries and chocolate chunks and a smoothie in the middle.
Photo by: @smoothiekinglafrontera

Long reign the Smoothie Kings and Queens! You’ll feel like royalty after you drink a carefully blended concoction from Smoothie King. They have customized blends for everyone. They have protein blends, slim blends, wellness blends, break blends, and kid-friendly blends. With so many options, you’re sure to find your ideal fit!

9.) Local Coffee Shops

Photo of a pink smoothie from Dazzle Coffee and Smoothies.
Photo by: @dazzle.coffee

Our local coffee shops are known to brew up delicious java, but many of them blend up smoothie masterpieces as well! Coffee shops like Dazzle Coffee, Mi Mundo, Dutch Bros, Summer Moon Coffee, Black Rock Coffee Bar, and Lamppost have smoothies on their menus.

10.) Bahama Buck’s

Photo of a green and pink smoothie from Bahama Bucks.
Photo by: @bahamabucks_roundrock_gattis

Transport to the islands at Bahama Buck’s in Round Rock! They have tropical-inspired smoothies like Bahama Colada, Tropical Banana Whey, and Mango Tango. These drinks know the whey to our hearts.

11.) CeCe’s FroYo

A photo of four yogurt cups topped with fresh red fruit.
Photo by: @Cecesfroyo

You have to CeCe it to believe it! You’ll be mesmerized by their delectable frozen yogurts and smoothies. Stack your froyo cup up with fresh fruit and toppings, the possibilities are endless!

12.) Coming Soon- Juiceland

A photo of a smoothie on top of a the famous round rock in brushy creek.
Photo by: @roundrocktexas

We must admit, we texted all of our friends when we heard Juiceland was coming to Round Rock! Juiceland is a popular Austin-based smoothie shop that is expanding across Texas. They have been serving up magical blends of deliciousness since 2001 and continue to wow their customers! Some fan favorites are “Moontower,” with almond milk, banana, cacao powder, brown rice protein & date, and the “Wundershowzen,” with almond milk, banana, spinach, hemp protein, and peanut butter. They also have nutrient-rich raw cold press juice and açaí bowls on their menu.

We hope you found a cool spot on our list! If you’re looking to mix it up and visit other restaurants during your stay, check out our full dining directory. See you soon!