Downtown Historic District

The Round Rock Historic Commercial District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The district consists […]

Historic Architecture

The historic architecture of the older sections of Round Rock is fairly typical for its time, although there are several […]

Historic Placards

New historic building information placards have been installed on the 24 buildings in downtown’s Commercial Historic District.  The placards describe […]

Historic Round Rock Collection

The Historic Round Rock Collection is the product of the Historic Preservation Commission’s Historic Round Rock Project: an Ongoing History, funded […]

Local History Resources

While the Historic Preservation Commission is primarily occupied with matters relating to the preservation of sites and buildings in Round Rock, there […]

The Chisholm Trail

Part of the history and lore of Round Rock involves the Chisholm Trail. This popular trading trail was often used […]

The Story of New Town

The coming of the railroad in 1876 forced the town of Round Rock to relocate in order to survive.  New […]

The Story of Old Town

Here is the story of old town, originally Round Rock was not named Round Rock, nor was it located where […]

The Story of Sam Bass

Here is the story of Sam Bass, also known as “Texas’ Beloved Bandit” or “Robin Hood on a Fast Horse” […]