Downtown Historic District

The Round Rock Historic Commercial District was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. The district consists […]

Historic Architecture

Go back in time by exploring historic architecture in Round Rock. Most buildings in the downtown were built between 1876 […]

Historic Placards

New historic building information placards have been installed on the 24 buildings in downtown’s Commercial Historic District.

Historic Round Rock

The Historic Round Rock Collection is the product of the Historic Preservation Commission’s Historic Round Rock Project.

Local History Resources

The Historic Preservation Commission is primarily occupied with matters relating to the preservation of sites and buildings.

The Chisholm Trail

Part of the history and lore of Round Rock involves the Chisholm Trail. This popular trading trail was often used […]

The Story of New Town

The coming of the railroad in 1876 forced the town of Round Rock to relocate in order to survive.  New […]

The Story of Old Town

Here is the story of old town, originally Round Rock was not named Round Rock, nor was it located where […]

The Story of Sam Bass

Here is the story of Sam Bass, also known as “Texas’ Beloved Bandit” or “Robin Hood on a Fast Horse” […]