This July, the 3v3 Live Texas Championships will be held in Round Rock, Texas, featuring top soccer teams from Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

“We have some of the most well-known three-on-three soccer tournaments
in the nation,” says Mike Tew, the tournament director. “We’re excited to be posting up in Round Rock this summer, though.”

Formed in 2003, with a goal of increasing skills and passions within the game of soccer, the 3v3 Live Soccer Tour chose Round Rock as this year’s tournament location, based on its proximity to major attractions and its reputation for great sports facilities.

This year, 3v3 Live will be featuring two options per age group to choose from, to help group teams into the most competitive division as possible. The top teams in each age group will qualify for the Disney 3v3 Soccer Championships, happening January 2016, in Orlando, Florida.

Furthermore, each player on the first- and second-place teams will receive a custom 3v3 Live Champion trophy, and third-place teams, custom medals.

“It’s exciting to see young, passionate athletes taking the game so seriously,” says Tew. “These events really help dreams come true, and we’re excited to bring that to Central Texas.”

Games will begin at 9:00am on July 25 and 26 at Old Settlers Park. For more information on the championship, visit http://www.3v3live.com/.