6 Unique Spots in Round Rock, TX

With an endless supply of choices, deciding where to go when traveling can be a daunting task. Although we love a familiar latte from Starbucks and a shopping day at Target, we like to challenge ourselves to find unique locations in the cities we visit. So, before you pull into the nearest drive-thru or chain retailer, consider going off the beaten path and trying something new. We traversed through Round Rock and found six special spots that will immerse you in a land of mystique and adventure.

1. Piranha Records

Vinyl records are making a comeback! People are longing for a more tangible listening experience and a sense of nostalgia. Luckily, you can get this at Piranha Records off of Sam Bass and I-35 Frontage Rd. This local record shop is a blast from the past and has impeccable vinyl and vibes. The store is lined with rows of records, CDs, and musical merch. Additionally, they have lava lamps, incense sticks, t-shirts, and wall posters. It’s a must-visit spot for any music enthusiast.

2. Antique Gallery

If you’re on the hunt for collectibles, classics, and custom-made items, the Antique Gallery in Round Rock is the place to venture. Enjoy a serendipitous day of shopping and discover unexpected treasures. Whether you’re a seasoned antiquer or a first-timer, this massive antique gallery will spark your curiosity and beckon you to wander throughout. They have an extensive selection of glassware, jewelry, artwork, and western antique furniture from 100 quality antique dealers. Search for an uncommon gem in this vintage paradise.

3. Merry’s Mud Pottery House

You will have a merry time at Merry’s Mud House. This cozy business is brimming with handmade pottery from Merry herself and local artists. There is additional artwork like jewelry, paintings, and more sprinkled throughout. The ambiance in Merry’s Mud House is so tranquil and relaxing you’ll want to stay all day. It’s the ideal spot to find an artistic souvenir and enjoy a cup of jo and a baked chocolate chip cookie.

4. The Bell Collection

Photo Via: The Bell Collection

You’ll be the belle of the ball with a jewelry piece from The Bell Collection! The Bell Collection was opened in Round Rock by jeweler John, who made his first jewelry bell after seeing it done with a larger bell at a gem show. He thought it would be a great idea to make wearable bells. The idea took off and expanded into a full-time business. The Bell Collection has grown exponentially and now ships out hundreds of bells weekly to nationwide customers. Each bell is crafted with care and comes with a unique story card to brighten customers’ days. You can order a bell online or call 800-225-4210 to make an appointment at their storefront and get a behind the scene tour of the bell factory.

5. High Country Market and Gastropub

A gas station with cake and wine? Count us in! This inconspicuously hip spot is truly a surprise. Inside they have hundreds of wines to choose from and craft beers on tap. Their menu has elevated cuisine and savory snacks. They have hearty sandwiches, flavorful breakfast tacos, and stacked burgers. They also have something for your sweet tooth with cake options like Carrot Cake, Chocolate Mouse, Italian Cream, and Red Velvet!

6. Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill

Put on your scuba gear! It’s time to bowl under the sea at Uncle Buck’s Fish Bowl and Grill inside Round Rock’s Bass Pro Shop. Every detail in this space is curated to make you feel underwater. From the lighting to the ocean creatures, it really feels like you’re bowling in the big blue. You can bowl a perfect 300-game, chow down on island-themed cuisine, and play the night away in their arcade area.

We hope you enjoy your trip off the beaten path! To continue exploring Round Rock, visit our social media pages at @goroundrock and use the hashtag #GoRoundRock if you post about your trip. We enjoy searching for unique activities and experiences to share with our visitors.