Donut shops in Round Rock, TX

Donuts have a special spot in the hearts and stomachs of Texans. They are the perfect morning pick-me-up, afternoon treat, and after-dinner dessert! This versatile pastry can be enjoyed glazed, jelly-filled, sprinkle-laden, powdered, and so much more. Round Rock, TX is a donut-lovers hub with a plethora of donut shops to fulfill your craving!

Sarena’s Breakfast & Donuts

Donut with pink frosting and multi color sprinkles

Sarena’s Breakfast & Donuts is a local secret, but we’re willing to share it! It has stellar Google ratings and reviews and quaint hometown vibes. It’s located off Mays Street, just minutes from downtown. They serve colorful creations, tempting tacos, and delightful donut holes. Whether you’re in the mood for something sweet or savory, Sarena’s is sure to deliver.

Fresh Donut

Bear claw and a devil's food cake donut

We weren’t sure what to think when we saw this hand-shaped pastry on display. But after some inquiring, we found out it was called a “Bear Claw,” and we had to try it! After one bite, we were in foodie heaven. It was warm, fluffy, and rich with flavor. We were big fans of the cinnamon topping and the glaze with hints of vanilla. Along with the Bear Claw, we ordered a Devil’s Food Donut that was divine!

Donut Taco Palace of Round Rock

Apple Fitter in front of a bag.

A taco and donut palace? It’s a Texan’s dream! This Austin-based donut shop is pretty iconic. In fact, someone wrote a song about it! This shop has Apple Fritters, Croissants, Kolaches, Breakfast Sandwiches, and an assortment of tacos, of course. Life really is better with donuts and tacos!

La Concha Feliz

Cinnamon roll on display

Donut 79 has new owners and has been transformed into La Concha Feliz! You are transported to another country as soon as you step through the doors! They have authentic Mexican bread, Flan Napolitano, and plenty of pastries, including Donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, and Churros. The shop has edible masterpieces on display throughout, and in the back, you can see employees preparing handmade goodies to go out. With all the options to choose from, you’ll want to order them all!

Central Donut

Sign of Central Donuts

Don’t press snooze! Hop out of bed and head to Central Donuts! This is the perfect place to turn around a dreary morning. They have irresistibly tempting donuts and mouth-watering kolaches and tacos. Enjoy a classic breakfast in Central Texas at this donut shop!

Grand Donuts

Donut with heart shapes
Photo by: @grand_donut

We just love a warm donut with sprinkles, especially if those sprinkles are heart-shaped! At Grand Donuts, they have a full menu with an assortment of pastries like Apple Fritters, Cinnamon Rolls, and Eclairs. Along with donuts, they have Kolaches, Croissants, and Tacos! We have our eye on the Buttermilk Donut and the Assorted Fruit Kolache. Yum!

Donut Empire

Donut empire front sign
Photo by: @phbecky_in_rr

This donut shop has built a delicious empire! They have donuts dusted with sugar and frosted with a sugary glaze. Their donuts are fit for royalty. On their menu, they have Emperor-pleasing menu items like Glaze and Cake Cover Donuts, Sausage Kolaches, and Ham and Cheese Croissants!

Round Rock Donuts

Giant donut with pink frosting and multi-color sprinkles from Round Rock Donut.
Photo by: @foodforthabooty

Last but not least, is Round Rock Donuts! This famous donut shop is a big deal and has BIG donuts. Round Rock Donuts was recently ranked first on Yelp’s Top 100 US Donut Shops of 2022. They are known for their iconic orange-tinted donuts and 2-pound Texas-Sized donuts.

We hope you have a sweet stay in Round Rock! Along with delicious bakeries we have plenty of attractions and activities for you to enjoy. You donut want to miss out on all that Round Rock has to offer!