Owners Reyna and Maritza Vazquez are sisters and best friends. They were born and raised in Veracruz, Mexico, and moved to Austin, TX after graduating from High School.

From an early age Chef Reyna’s career goal was to own her own restaurant. She grew up helping her mother in their family restaurant in Veracruz, Mexico. Starting at a very young age, both Reyna’s mother and grandmother taught her the ins and outs of the kitchen, and she has loved to cook ever since. She especially likes to be creative with her recipes while at the same time respecting the heritage of the ingredients she uses and the culture she represents. She is also passionate about using both fresh and organic ingredients in her cooking.

In May of 2006, Reyna had saved up enough money to buy her first trailer, and a month later she opened it up and started to sell smoothies and juices. She had to close a few months later, but persistent with her dream she reopened in April of 2008 on East Cesar Chavez with her sister Maritza as her business partner.

Maritza was not only a good cook, but had a savvy business sense and a knack for numbers. In school she had wanted to pursue subjects in business administration, computer programming, and teaching, however there wasn’t much opportunity for her to chase these ambitions in her hometown. Becoming a business owner finally gave Maritza her opportunity to excel in these areas.

In the beginning, Reyna and Maritza both kept their other jobs and worked nonstop to get their business going, often times taking turns sleeping on the trailer floor while the other sister attended customers in order to keep it open. They again started out selling snow cones, smoothies, and natural drinks, but their goal was always to serve food.

In 2010 they bought a larger food truck and moved a few blocks down on East Cesar Chavez. With more space Reyna and Maritza could finally start cooking tacos, and the rest is history! Today, Reyna and Maritza have four locations in Austin and Round Rock, have been recognized as serving one of the five best tacos in America by the Food Network, and are living their dream.

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