Eat Around The World in Round Rock

Are you ready for a foodie adventure? Transport your taste buds to another world at international restaurants in Round Rock, TX! We took out our food map and picked restaurants with cuisines from across the globe, and we even added some American classics. Make sure to pack your stretchy pants because you can eat your way through Thailand, Ireland, Columbia, and more during your trip here.

Thai Cuisine- Ros Niyom Thai 

Thai dish with chicken, veggies, and rice.
Photo by: @eatwithemilie

Heat, acid, and flavor are packed into the dishes at Ros Niyom Thai. This local spot is climbing to the top with stellar google reviews. They serve up remarkable dishes. Some chef-suggested dishes are “Koong Ob Woon Sen,” a steamed marinated prawn dish, and “Pla Muk Pad Kai Kem,” a stir-fried calamari dish. After dinner if you have room for dessert, you can’t go wrong with their Mango Sticky Rice or Fried Banana with Ice Cream!

Indian Cuisine- Rock N Grill’s

Photo of bread, rice and curry.

Chef and Owner of Rock N Grill, Bhanu Kakaraparthi, is passionate about providing visitors and locals a taste of India using fresh ingredients and cultivating an entertaining culinary experience. Rock N Grill’s menu features specialized fare from various states in India, allowing customers to taste the diverse flavors of the country. 

Japanese Cuisine- Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

Photo of a large flame and a chef cooking.
Photo by: @austinsalsera

The Tokyo Steakhouse and Sushi Bar fix some fire dishes! This restaurant brings authentic Japanese Teppanyaki Cuisine that skilled chefs prepare before your eyes. The Tokyo Steakhouse serves Sushi Meshi, a Japanese specialty, and they also offer Nigiri (thin slices of raw fish), Hosomaki (thin sushi roll), and Futomaki Sushi (thick sushi roll). The Tokyo Steak house has the perfect combination of modern Japanese culture and traditional Japanese cuisine.

Vietnamese Cuisine- Pho viet

Photo of a bowl of pho with broth, noodles and chicken.
Photo by: @lanepie

We heard Pho Viet serves up some pho-nominal dishes! We love a steamy bowl of Pho during a (rare in Texas) cold day! They serve up tasty Pho with rich broth and fresh toppings. Additional popular items are their Spring Rolls and Grilled Pork & Egg Rolls- Bun Thit Nuong. Now we’re hungry!

Chinese and Vietnamese Cuisine- Hao Hao

Photo of a bowl of chicken and broccoli and rice.
Photo by: @asutinfoodfam

One of our favorite things to do is spend the night in our hotel room with Chinese take-out and a relaxing movie! Whether you’re ordering in or going out, Hao Hao is a great spot to order from. They have an elaborate menu with plenty of dishes to choose from. We have a General Tso’s Chicken obsession, so that would be our go-to order, but they also have a special Round Rock Shrimp on the menu that piques our interest!

Filipino Cuisine- Little Mama’s

Photo of an assortment of Filipino dishes.
Photo by: @feedmi_

After looking over the extensive menu at Little Mama’s, you might be wondering what to order. Why not order it all!? Set up a family-style buffet and try a variety of delicious dishes. Little Mama’s is a family-owned restaurant that serves satisfying Filipino comfort foods. A few of their specialties are Adobo, Fried Rice, Chop Suey, and Bicol Express.

Peruvian Cuisine- Brasas Peruanas

Photo of Peruvian dishes.
Photo by @brasasperuanasrr

Did you know the first potato originated in Peru? This magnificent vegetable is a Peruvian staple, and it’s in a lot of the dishes served at Brasas Peruanas. One of our favorite Peruvian dishes is Lomo Saltado Limeño which is sauteed sirloin steak accompanied with french fries and garlic rice. They also have other traditional dishes like Ceviche Mixto, Arroz Chaufa Limeño, and Salchipapas.

Colombian Cuisine- Sabor Colombia

Photo of a bowl of soup, avocado, and rice.
Photo by: @saborcolombia512

One bite of the food at Sabor Colombia, and you’ll be ready to dance the cumbia! They have a vibrant menu with a Latin flair. They offer an array of savory options. A popular dish is Ajiaco Santafereño which is a potato soup served with rice, corn patty, and avocado. They also serve Deditos De Queso, deep-fried cheese sticks wrapped in pastry dough. Yes, please!

Cuban Cuisine- Cuba Bakery and Cafe

Photo of a box of pastries.
Photo by: @jmv305

We’re drooling looking at this photo of pastries from the Cuba Bakery and Cafe. This local business bakes up an assortment of pastries and Cuban desserts with a rotating menu. Some drool-worthy sweets are their Flan de Vainilla, Eclairs, and Tartaletas de Guayaba. If you’re in the mood for a savory item, they have Empanadas, Cuban Sandwiches, and Tamales!

Mexican Cuisine- Recuerdos

Photo of a cheesy enchilada.
Photo by: @recuerdosroundrock

You’ll be tempted to fill up with chips and salsa because their homemade chips and salsa are divine, but you need to save room for their enchiladas. These cheesy masterpieces are worth it! If you’re looking for another masterpiece, they have fantastic Migas, Huevos Rancheros, and Tacos!

Irish Cuisine- Cork & Barrel

Photo of stew with a flame.
Photo by: @corkbarrelpub

You’ll feel like you’re across the pond when you visit Cork & Barrel Craft Kitchen + Microbrewery! The restaurant sits on a gorgeous property with a large outdoor patio covered in lush greenery. Cork & Barrel is an iconic Irish pub with authentic Irish architecture. They have hearty Irish meals like Rosemary Campfire Hoey Irish Stew, and Cliffs of Moher Ginger Mussels.

Italian Cuisine- Milano Ristorante

Photo of a chef finishing a dish.
Chef John cooking up a meal! Photo by: Milano Ristorante

Hey mambo, mambo Italiano! We think you should go, go, go to Milano Ristorante during your trip to Round Rock. This newly opened restaurant is making a name for itself with their impressive dishes. The owner and executive chef, John Bragas, focuses on making fresh and simple dishes from scratch. They have Italian favorites like Gnocchi Pomodoro, Chicken Marsala, and Risotto Mare E Monte.

british Cuisine- The Kenney Fort Pub

Photo of fish and chips.
Photo by: @hellosno_thefoodie

Enjoy Texas hospitality and a proper British meal at The Kenney Fort Pub. This colorful restaurant has an inviting ambiance, and custom murals adorn the walls. They serve classic dishes like Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash that are so good we even think the royal family would approve!

Greek Cuisine- Zorba Greek Restaurant

Photo Spanakopita a greek dish.
Photo by: Zobra Greek Restaurant

You’ll be ready to charter a boat by the shores of Santorini after visiting Zorba Greek Restaurant! This authentic Greek restaurant will take you straight to the Mediterranean. They have flavorful appetizers and entrees on their menu. One specialty is Spanakopita, a mixture of spinach and feta wrapped in phyllo dough. They also have the classic Gyro Plate and mouth-watering Greek Salad. If you have a big party, they have a bulk combo platter that feeds up to 8 people!

Middle Eastern Cuisine- Aladdin Halai Grill

Photo of a plate with hummus and a greek salad.
Photo by @Hannah_oodles

If you haven’t tried the magical dip called hummus yet, do yourself a favor and venture over to Aladdin Halai Grill and order some ASAP! They have heavenly hummus and divine dishes. They have Mediterranean items along with Middle Eastern options. Some items we have our eye on are the Chicken Shawarma and the Kafta Wrap.

Creole Cuisine- Louisiana Longhorn Cafe

Photo of a large bowl of crawfish.

Pinch, peel, eat, repeat! You can do just that at the Louisiana Longhorn Cafe while enjoying a bowl of crawfish. Saunter down to Main Street and pull up a seat at this Cajun restaurant. This cafe is owned by a family who moved from Louisiana and brought their treasured recipes to Texas with them. They whip up “As good as it gets,” Gumbo, large bowls of Etouffee, and more.

Coastal Cuisine- Salt Traders

Photo of a large tray of oysters on ice.
Photo by: @bitesofwander

The world is your oyster during your trip to Round Rock! Seize the day with some seafood from Salt Traders. They bring the coast to you with their seafood plates. They have delectable options like Fresh Oysters, Gulf of Mexico Shrimp, Seafood Gumbo, Seared Scallops, and more!

Texas BBQ- Liberty Barbecue

Photo of a BBQ platter.
Photo by: @nosides_nosauce

If you have a hankering for Texas BBQ, Liberty Barbeque is a prime spot with prime smoked meats. Guests can enjoy staples like pork ribs, jalapeno sausage, and of course, brisket, but make sure you try their wildly popular flatbreads. Get all the fixing and sides and dig in!

If you’re seeking something else to eat, we have a full Dining Directory for you to peruse. We hope you and your stomach are satisfied during your stay in Round Rock!