International Firefighters’ Day in Round Rock, TX

Fun fire fact! Did you know May 4th is International Firefighters’ Day? This national day was first marked on May 4th, 1999, as a time to salute and honor the men and women who keep us safe and protect our communities. We are celebrating this special day by highlighting the fire-fighting community in Round Rock, TX. So put on your helmet, boots, and fire-proof gear and get ready to learn!

Fire Station at Fire Museum Photo by: WCOSA

The first fire highlight we have is the Fire Museum with firefighting equipment dating back to 1884! Over the years, volunteers have collected and preserved firefighting memorabilia for display at this location. You can travel back in time and see a Hand Pumper from ’84, a 1938 Ford Fire Engine, the first motorized fire engine in Round Rock, and a 1943 Chevrolet Fire Engine. This classic museum is a hub for current and retired firefighters to reminisce and memorialize the past. It is also the perfect spot for visitors with an affinity for history. The Fire Museum is located at 3300 East Palm Valley Boulevard, Round Rock, and is open on the 3rd Saturday of the month 10:00am-Noon.

Photo by: City of Round Rock

We are fortunate to have the Fire Museum to remember firefighters of the past, and we are grateful for the firefighters of our present. “Firefighters, emergency responders, and others employed in the emergency response field are often referred to as ‘silent heroes’ because, unfortunately, we typically only hear about their efforts during a tragedy,” said Nancy Yawn, Director, Round Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau. “These men and women are willing to risk their lives daily. It takes a special type of person to put others first in every possible way.” We have upstanding men and women working for the Fire Department in Round Rock. International Firefighter’s Day is a fitting time to recognize Round Rock’s firefighters and their leader, Chief Shane Glaiser. 

Photo by: City of Round Rock

The head of the Round Rock Fire Department is Fire Chief  Shane Glaiser. Glaiser was born and raised in Eagle Lake, Texas, and is from a long line of firefighters as both his dad and great grandfather served as volunteer firefighters in Texas. Glaiser joined the Round Rock Fire Department in 1995, where he has held various positions throughout the years, ultimately resulting in being named the City of Round Rock’s Fire Chief by a unanimous vote in a special called meeting of the Round Rock City Council in February 2022.

“It was an incredible honor to be asked to lead this great team of firefighters for the City of Round Rock,” said Glaiser. “I have worked with many in our company for nearly 30 years. We are family to each other, and the Round Rock community is an extension of that. It’s a pleasure to do what I love, in and for the community I hold dear.” 

Today we give tribute the sacrifices of Round Rock’s firefighters in the present and past. We honor the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect our city. While International Firefighters Day is on Wednesday, May 4, a special time to stop and reflect on the sacrifices made by firefighters is also held on the first Sunday in May at noon local time each year when fire sirens sound for 30 seconds, followed by a minute’s silence in memory of, and respect for, all firefighters who have been lost in the line of duty or passed on before us. Additionally, other ways to honor your local firefighters include lighting exterior home lights in red on May 4th. Whether you’re in Round Rock for IFFD or celebrating from your hometown, we hope you take the time to reflect on the contribution of firefighters today and every day!