Joola Teams South 2015

“Table tennis is a very fast-paced sport with a lot of strategies needed for each point. The correct spin needed to throw the opponent off balance or the footwork required to return to a serve… All of these things make table tennis one of the most exciting sports to watch. Actually seeing it in person gives you an appreciation of how hard the players work to perfect their game” (Jonathan Messervy, JOOLA).

The North American Table Tennis (NATT) JOOLA South Tournament hits Round Rock this weekend. And we’ve got all the information you want to know, from ping to pong and everything in between.

With 17 years of successful North American Teams tournaments to grow from, NATT and JOOLA have decided to expand beyond the East Coast. Round Rock, TX and San Francisco, CA will host their own tournaments this year.

As 36 teams (133 players) take to the tables at the Round Rock Sports Center, Jonathan Messervy of JOOLA sheds light on the event and the growing popularity of table tennis at-large.

As the coordinator and logistics planner for any professional tournament JOOLA hosts, Messervy works to ensure each event runs as smoothly and successfully as possible–whether it’s as small as 30 tables or as large as 150. He also works directly with retailers and online stores to sell JOOLA products.

“Table tennis is growing in popularity and we are making sure everyone has a table and racket to play with,” Messervy explains.

For readers trying to catch up: In the world of sports, table tennis is on the rise! When asked about the choice to expand, Messervy offers the following insight:

“Table tennis players seem to be largely located in New York and California, but Texas has shown lots of potential for hosting tournaments…Round Rock is an ideal location because it serves as a hub for table tennis in the state. Players will travel for a tournament if they know the competition will be good and we should have a great turnout.”

JOOLA uses a team format, which allows for a high quantity of matches and high-quality competitors for each player.

“With it being a teams event, the players get to play more matches compared to an individual event,” Messervy explains. “There will be 2 full days of exciting play. Both kids and adults alike will be competing to be the best team in the state of Texas!”

Teams are seeded based on the combined rating of the three top players and placed into division 1, 2, or 3. Each division consists of two groups with teams playing a round robin to determine who advances to the semifinals on Sunday afternoon.

Two teams from each group will advance to compete for the division championship.

The top 4 teams in Division 1 will receive cash prizes while the champions of each division will receive free entry to the North American Teams in DC this November!

JOOLA Teams South 2015 kicks off tomorrow, August 22 and runs through Sunday, August 23. To learn more about JOOLA, go to For specific details about this weekend’s tournament, visit the event page at