Local Spots for Cold Treats in Round Rock

When you’re looking for a cold treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, Round Rock is a great place to be! Check out our list of some local hot spots for cool treats…

3 Star Candy Shop

candy isle at a candy shop

Take a stroll through Downtown Round Rock and find yourself at 3 Star Candy Shop for some delicious (and cold) sweet treats. This nostalgic space will inspire sweet memories, no matter your age. Step inside and try an ice cream float or a massive three-scoop cone with one of the fantastic flavors at this local favorite.

Lamppost Coffee

coffee in glass cups

Sometimes you need to cool off and perk up, and Lamppost Coffee on Round Rock Ave. has exactly what you need – an espresso milkshake. Choose from chocolate, caramel or white chocolate and customize your coffee-infused treat with extra espresso or flavored syrups! Lamppost also serves up delicious fruit smoothies, and a variety of other cool beverages.

Kawaii’s Shaved Ice

shaved ice

Conveniently located in Downtown Round Rock on May’s Street, Kawaii’s Shaved Ice is serving up classic shaved ice with almost any flavor imaginable. From classics like cherry and blue raspberry to more adventurous syrups like butter pecan and tamarind, you’re sure to find the perfect combo. If you need some extra help cooling off, add a scoop of ice cream to your ice-cold creation.

Pepe’s Fruit Cup

fruit bowl with toppings

Looking for a cool and healthy option? Check out Pepe’s Fruit Cup at Mays Crossing. With a variety of Mexican fruit cups, this shop offers an exotic twist on these naturally sweet treats. Order up some perfectly-ripe fruit with chili powder, or their famous Mangada – shaved ice with mango, chamoy and chili powder.

Dazzle Coffee & Smoothies

top view of coffee with frothed milk on top

Dazzle Coffee & Smoothies has sixteen cold beverages on their menu! From iced lattes and mochas to Fruity Red Bull, this local hot spot serves up your coffee shop favorites on the east side of Round Rock. Try a milkshake, smoothie or Pomegranate Sweet Green Iced Tea. And if you’re one of those folks who likes hot drinks no matter the temperature, Dazzle has you covered!

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