Discover New Spots in Round Rock, TX

Round Rock had a growth spurt in 2023 and opened numerous new spots! With all our growth, we’ve evolved into a bustling tourist destination with enticing restaurants, stores, and attractions! There are freshly opened locations around most corners, and there is a lot to keep track of. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the newness, check out our roadmap of newly opened spots!

Blue Corn Harvest

Blue Corn Harvest is a fresh spot with farm fresh food! We’re salivating just thinking of their crisp Southwestern Salad and a mountain of chips and guacamole! Their menu has zesty options like Blue Corn Pork Taquitos and Verde Chicken Enchiladas that will satisfy your taste buds and stomach!

Pizza Twist

Photo via: @roundrocktexas

Get ready for a flavor fusion at Pizza Twist! This new spot serves up distinctive pies that will surprise! They have Indian-inspired dining options like a Curry Masala Bread Twist and Tandoori Chicken Pizza Twist. They even have special options like a Cheeseburger Pizza Twist and a Pizza Cookie! Additionally, for customers with dietary preferences they have gluten-free, vegan, and even halal diet options.

Tot Box Play Cafe

Photo via: @roundrocktexas

The newest playground on the block is Tot Box Play Cafe! This indoor playground and coffee shop is a parental lifeline and a kiddo’s dreamland. They have an assortment of cafe creations for everyone to enjoy. It’s an ideal temperature-controlled escape to visit rain or shine!


Photo of Macs sign
Photo via: @roundrocktexas

Best comfort food: Mac and Cheese! Each gooey bite melts all the worry and stress away. Kalahari recently opened a custom macaroni and cheese shop called Macs, and it’s mac-nificent! They have a mouthwatering Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac, Carnita Mac, and even a Loaded Baked Potato Mac!

Viva Spa

Feel like a new you at Viva Day Spa! Viva is a new luxury day and medical spa that offers relaxing spa treatments and non-invasive med spa services in a tranquil atmosphere. Is located in Downtown Round Rock and is the ideal location to get some zen time on your vacation.

Nessie Bricks

Photo of a shelf of legos
Photo via: @roundrocktexas

You know what never goes out of style? Legos! They are a timeless toy for kids and adults young and old! Nessie Bricks was built to make your Lego dreams come true. Whether you’re looking for that rare collector set or one-of-a-kind bricks for your builds, this is your one-stop shop.

Velvet Taco

Run—don’t walk—to the new Velvet Taco! These tacos are flavor explosions! They are irresistible and smooth like velvet. They have distinct flavors like bold Spicy Tikka Chicken, Korean Fried Rice, and mouthwatering Kobe Bacon Burgers.

Two hands Fresh Corn dogs

Get ready for cheesy, crunch, stringy goodness! They have authentic Korean corn dog creations at Two Hands Fresh Corn Dogs. They are battered, dipped, and filled with cheese and hot dog deliciousness.

Backporch Social

They curated every detail to make you feel like you are at a hometown fair and carnival. They have arcade and yard games to play, along with corn dogs, chicken strips, churros, and fried Oreos. They also have a fully stocked bar for the adults!

Unicorniverse Bakery & Cafe

Photo via: @roundrocktexas

You are transported to a baked-good universe when you walk through the newly opened doors of Unicorniverse! They create an ethereal experience at this European-inspired bakery and cafe. They have plant-based goodies with unique rotating flavors like Raspberry Pistachio, Blackberry Lavender, Tiramisu, Blueberry Earl Grey, and more. It’s truly magical at Unicorniverse!

Crumbl Cookies

Fresh out of the oven is the Round Rock Crumbl location! Crumbl Cookies made a grand entrance when they opened because their cookies have a buzz-worthy rep! They bake their cookies in real-time, and you can preview the kitchen upon walking through the doors. In addition to their award-winning chocolate chip cookie, they have a weekly rotating menu with unique creations. That’s the way the cookie crumbles at Crumbl cookie!

Urban Bird

Urban Bird sign
Photo via: @roundrocktexas

Urban Bird is the latest hot spot in Round Rock! Ignite your taste buds with their Original Nashville-style Hot Chicken and flavorful sides. The chicken is fresh and all-natural, without antibiotics and hormones. It’s sure to spice up your day!

Amy’s Ice cream

Add a little pizzazz to your trip with a stop at the newly opened Amy’s Ice Cream. Amy’s was established in Austin, Texas, in 1984 and has expanded to Houston, San Antonio, and now Round Rock! We’re so excited to have Amy’s in our own backyard because the handcrafted Artisan ice cream is exquisite. They have 350+ flavors and world-famous Mexican Vanilla Ice Cream that you must try!

Shake Shack

Shake up your routine and visit Shake Shack in Round Rock! It’s the City’s first Shake Shack, and it even has a drive-thru for a speedy meal. They have indulgent shakes, burgers, and crinkle fries. Get ready for a delicious detour!

Ululani’s Shave Ice

Originating from Lahaina Maui, Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice has perfected the art of shave ice, taking their creations to the next level with smooth shave ice and dreamy mochi. Time to fly your taste buds to Hawaii!

Tso Chinese

Photo of owners in front of TSO Chinese.
Photo via:@roundrocktexas

We opened our fortune cookie and got lucky enough to have a Tso Chinese location in our city! This Austin-based Chinese takeout and delivery restaurant has expanded to Round Rock and brought their delicious dishes with them. Tso Chinese delivers on flavor and service!

Misaki – Ramen 

Photo by: @eatsnstyle

Ramen is the superstar of a gloomy and cold day! We feel there are special powers in that steaming bowl of broth. We are so excited that Misaki Ramen opened a new location in Round Rock. Noodle nomads can find a tasty ramen dish at this newly opened spot!

Home 2 Suites by Hilton Round Rock Medical Center

We found your new home away from home! The newest Home 2 Suites is a modern hotel with all the amenities for a comfortable stay! With meeting space, a breakfast bar, a pool, and more, you’ll be set for your trip to Round Rock. Time to pack your bags!

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Photo of stuffed animals at Build A Bear
Photo via: @roundrocktexas

They built an awesome brand new Build-A-Bear inside of Kalahari Resorts, and it’s the ideal spot to bring home a fluffy souvenir to remember your time in Round Rock!

Feng Cha

Boba tea is the THING these days, and we are so excited to have a Feng Cha location in our city! They have specialty drinks like their Mango Au Lait and their Matcha Breeze. If you’re in the mood for a dessert, enjoy a Taro Chocolate or Tiramisu Treasure milk foam cake!

Coming Soon

2024 is projected to have plenty of growth as well! We’ve been keeping our eye on upcoming openings, and it looks like there are some on the horizon. We can’t wait for the wine-tasting room Swallow Wine to open, along with Raku Ayce Sushi, Nothing Bunt Cakes, and more! Stay tuned to our social media pages @goroundrock to see all the happenings and latest openings.