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Teams will travel in from as far as Colorado, Missouri, Michigan and Arizona and as close as our own backyard to compete in the Triple Crown Softball Southwest Summer Nationals.

Triple Crown Sports® CEO Dave King and his wife, Annette, were avid slowpitch softball players. They were also tired of tournaments being full of underwhelming facilities, awards, professionalism and schedules. After speaking his mind to a tournament director one weekend, the director shot back at King with a challenge: “If you think you can do better, why don’t you do it yourself?”

In 1982, the first Triple Crown event was held, and now the organization has grown into hosting a multitude of sports, with international tournaments, televised games and 300 events.

Jonathan Lampl, who directs Triple Crown events, wants participants to have a great overall experience – not only while playing on the field but also while enjoying restaurants and sights – which is where Round Rock comes in, as an obvious event locale.

“Old Settlers Park is a top facility. The lodging infrastructure is very good, there is a good selection of restaurants and shopping, and the history of the area is enticing,” says Lampl. “This will also be the first year to have this event in Texas, allowing athletes to compete in a great softball event while also taking in everything Central Texas offers.”

Round Rock’s two age groups will have three pool games starting at 8:00am, July 22, with a double elimination bracket starting on Friday and an award ceremony on Sunday.

The Summer Nationals, like all Triple Crown events, will be “Professional, Predictable and Consistent.” For more info, visit