Round Rock Hosts Its First National Quidditch Match

Two Quidditch on field in play

Grab your quaffle, bludgers and golden snitch… Quidditch has made its first appearance in the Sports Capital of Texas! On June 10, the new Round Rock Multipurpose Complex was flooded with Chasers, Keepers, Beaters and Seekers from the Kansas City Stampede and the Austin Outlaws, Central Texas’ major league Quidditch team. In a 3-Game Match, the Outlaws swept the Stampede at 190-20, 200-20, and 220-60. The Outlaws’ next match is on July 22 against the League City Legends from League City, Texas.

Not familiar with the sport of Quidditch? Its fictional origins began in the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling. The game played by the title character and his friends takes place on broomsticks and features gameplay similar to rugby, basketball and dodge ball.

In the last decade, the sport has been adapted for muggles (non-wizarding folk, that is) and has gained popularity across the country, beginning on college campuses and extending now to a national league. Locally, we have a few other accomplished Quidditch teams, including the college team at The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Calvary, a U.S. Quidditch Community team that won the Quidditch Cup last year.

With this event, Round Rock can start checking fictional sports off on its list of hosting capabilities. Interested in reading more about Quidditch or trying out for a team? Check out this article from Austin360 for more information!

Photo Credit: Miguel Esparza