The Ultimate Guide to Cookies in Round Rock, TX

When the holidays roll in, our cookie radar goes on high alert. We are always in the mood for a fresh cookie paired with a steaming cup of cocoa. There is no better treat than a gooey chocolate chip cookie or frosted sugar cookie. Shops around the city bake mouthwatering morsels that will have your taste buds twirling. We followed the crumbs and found the sweetest spots with cookies in Round Rock!

The Sweet Tooth Parlor

We’re convinced our stomachs will always have extra room for our sweet tooth! No matter how full we are, it seems there is always space. Satisfy your sweet craving and get a delectable cookie from the Sweet Tooth Parlor. This local bakery knows how to make tempting treats. We were in love after the first bite. They have melt-in-your-mouth M&M cookies, Raspberry Linzer Cookies, and Texas Cowboy Cookies.

Paige’s Bakehouse

Paige’s Bakehouse isn’t your typical cookie-cutter bakery! They bake outside the lines and turn cookies into works of art! They have a cookie for every occasion. Birthdays, Gender Reveals, Mother’s Day cookies, you name it! If there’s an occasion for it, they’ve probably baked a cookie for it. The cookies taste as good as they look! They have their sugar cookie recipe down, it’s packed with flavor and frosted luscious icing.

La Concha Feliz

We can’t help but smile when we see the Texas-sized cookie or Galletas from La Concha Feliz! This family-owned bakery has people talking with a stellar 4.8 Google Rating and rave reviews. When you step inside, you’ll find talented pastry chefs creating homemade delights that have customers raving.

Adelyn Bakery Boutique

They bake things happen at the Adelyn Bakery Boutique! This locally-owned gem is a bakery and tea house combined. They are known to whip up some delectable macaroons here. These meringue-based marvels are magnifique! They have an idyllic sweet-to-nutty ratio and are packed with flavor. They come in a rainbow of colors and limitless flavor combinations.

Pie Jacked

Do you crave cookies but your body is protesting gluten and allergens? Have no fear, Pie Jacked is here! They’re like the Houdini of baking, making allergens disappear, including the typical suspects: wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, sesame, tree nuts, peanuts, fish, and shellfish. We don’t know how they do it, but they make phenomenal pastries sans allergens.  We tried their heavenly Snickerdoodle and their Mud Pie Crustle and were in awe. A must-try spot during the holidays!

Unicorniverse Bakery & Cafe

Photo via: City of Round Rock

You are transported to a baked-good universe when you walk through the doors of Unicorniverse! They create a fairy tale experience at this European-inspired bakery and cafe. They have plant-based goodies with unique rotating flavors like Raspberry Pistachio, Blackberry Lavender, Tiramisu, Blueberry Earl Grey, and more. It’s truly magical at Unicorniverse!

Juarez Restaurant & Bakery

Juarez Restaurant & Bakery is a buzzworthy spot in Round Rock! It’s a local go-to so you may find yourself in line – but it’s totally worth the wait! We woke up early to get our hands on delicious Polvoron (Mexican Pink Sugar Cookie). Polvorones are shortbread cookies that are crumbly and buttery and melt in your mouth! The cookies at Juarez have the perfect fluffy consistency, it is like taking a bite into a sweet cookie cloud!

Round Rock Donuts

Hold on to your hats because Round Rock Donuts isn’t just for donuts. They also bake cookies! They are masters in the kitchen and we’re convinced they use culinary sorcery to make their baked goods taste so delicious. They have Teacake Cookies baked to perfection with a hint of vanilla. You can order them plain, powered, or decked out in icing and decor!

Tiff’s Treats

Photo Via: @tiffstreats

Name a better duo than milk and cookies. We’re convinced they were made for each other and we love a freshly milk-dipped cookie from Tiff’s Treats! Tiff’s Treats first originated in Austin but gained popularity quickly and they now have locations across the country! It’s a staple in Round Rock and you’ll most likely see white Tiff boxes tied in blue ribbons at plenty of gatherings. Tiff’s warm cookies are baked when you order them so they are always fresh. In addition to the famous cookies, they have special cookie truffles, Tiffwitch ice cream sandwiches, and even cookie dough cupcakes!

Crumbl Cookies

Fresh out of the oven is the new Crumbl location in Round Rock! Crumbl Cookies made a grand entrance when they opened because their cookies have a buzz-worthy rep! They bake their cookies in real-time and you can preview the kitchen upon walking through the doors. In addition to their award-winning chocolate chip cookie, they have a weekly rotating menu with unique creations. Their cookies have goodness in every bite. That’s the way the cookie crumbles at Crumbl cookie!

Great American Cookies

Photo via: @greatamericancookies

Why settle for a mere cookie when you can devour a COOKIE CAKE? They have showstopping customizable cookie cakes at the Great American Cookie Company. Along with their colossal cookie cakes they have epic cookie options. They have assorted cookie flavors like White Chunk Macadamia, Snickerdoodle, and Double Fudge! They also have seasonal options like Red Velvet Hot Cocoa Cookie, and Chocolate Chip with Red & Green M&M’s. It’s a cookie extravaganza!

Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming

Why should humans have all the cookie fun? We had to include Woof Gang Bakery because your four-legged friend deserves a cookie! They have oven-baked gourmet treats and intricately decorated doggy cookies. Their treats are all-natural and artificial-free! Give your dog the treat they deserve.

*Fun fact: the owner, Joshua Juarez, competed in the Food Network‘s 2023 Holiday Baking Championship. We heard he’s a pawsome baker!

If you filled up on cookies and want to get your steps in after, we have the perfect plan! Swing by our boutiques for a dose of shopping cardio – a fun way to burn some cookie calories while checking off your Christmas list!