Trails in Round Rock, Texas

Who needs mountainous terrain and far-off parks when Round Rock has a hiking oasis in our own backyard? Now, you won’t need trekking poles and heavy-duty hiking boots to roam our terrain, but we have quaint trails weaving throughout our city! Be prepared to relax, get your steps in, and view gorgeous scenery. We have over 20 miles of hike and bike trails, with several more miles in the works. Get ready to discover the trails in Round Rock, Texas!


Moms running with strollers

Commence on a 3.30-mile journey along paved trails in Old Settlers Park. This trail leads you past iconic sites like Dell Diamond and weaves through charming playgrounds, disc golf, pavilions, and a tranquil lake. If you’re up for more adventure, navigate beyond the trail’s confines – Old Settlers Park offers 640 acres of terrain. It’s the crown jewel of our park system and a must-visit spot during your stay.

Round Rock West Trail & Kensington Greenbelt

Duck on Water

Witness wildlife and captivating surroundings at Round Rock West and Kensington Greenbelt! These routes are less than a mile each, but they are short but mighty. Round Rock West is known to have a population of geese and ducks that are always up to something! It’s an excellent spot to bird-watch and appreciate a splendid day.

Brushy Creek Trail

Big Foot crossing sign
Photo via: @theguice

Watch out for the elusive Bigfoot (Aka Hairy Man) on Brushy Creek Trail! There are surprises around every nook and cranny on the 3.06-mile pathway. This trail meanders along Brushy Creek and even crosses into neighboring cities! Let your inner intrepid go wild and spend the day adventuring on this trail.

Pro Tip: Portions of this trail are under construction, so double-check on Google Maps before you start your hike.

Greater Lake Creek Trail


This trail weaves throughout the city and stretches 2.73 miles long. It runs along neighborhoods and some streets, but it’s so serene you’ll feel like you’re in your own world. We recommend starting this journey near Clay Madsen Recreation Center and continuing on! Take a virtual walk of this trail to get a lay of the land.

Meadow Lake Trail

Meadow Lake at dusk with trees
Photo via:@t_artimus

Don’t let the sun set on your vacation before experiencing a sunset by the Meadow Lake Trail! There are 1.35 miles of serene space to stroll around. Meadow Lake is near a quiet lake and surrounding neighborhood, so it’s a great place to unwind and end a beautiful day.

Coming Soon!

Round Rock is continuously expanding its trail system, and new trails are forming as we write! Currently, they are working on parts of Brushy Creek and Heritage Trail. Check out their development plan to see upcoming projects.

The trails in Round Rock beckon for your footsteps! Take a hike to our city and start your adventure soon! Also, if you take a picture on the pathway, tag us on social media at @goroundrock. We can’t wait to see your snaps!