View the 2024 Solar Eclipse in Round Rock, TX

Get ready for a total eclipse of the heart (of Texas)! Hold your hats and put on your eclipse-viewing shades because Round Rock is in the path of totality! Now, you may be asking what a solar eclipse is and why it is so special? Well, picture this: the sun and the moon are two-stepping, and they cross paths, and the moon casts a shadow on the sun. This produces a unique day/night effect with intriguing shadows and a view to see in the sky. Mark your calendars because the eclipse will be visible in Round Rock, TX, on the afternoon of April 8th and peaking around 1:37 p.m., and it’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

Viewing Schedule

Maximum:Mon, Apr 8, 2024 at 1:37 pm 1.006 Magnitude
Ends:Mon, Apr 8, 2024 at 2:58 pm
Duration:2 hours, 41 minutes
Totality:2 minutes, 49 seconds


Solar Eclipse Watch Parties!

Photo via: Cork & Barrel

Cork and Barrel

The Cork & Barrel patio is a stellar place to be during the solar eclipse! They are hosting an “End of the World Eclipse Viewing Party” and have viewing glasses, custom t-shirts, a hog roast, oyster shuck, and live music by Wish You Were Beer (a Pink Floyd tribute band)! You don’t want to miss this celestial soirĂ©e!

Secure your ticket for this solar spectacle.

Photo Via: Urban Rooftop

Urban Rooftop

Ascend to new heights for the ultimate eclipse experience at Urban Rooftop! With sky-high views and out-of-this-world cocktails, Urban Rooftop is the place to land during the eclipse. They also have a lunch buffet with pulled pork sliders, chicken pork sliders, and sides galore!

Snag a ticket to elevate your eclipse viewing experience.

Wine Sensation

The eclipse will be a stellar sensation, so why not enjoy it at Wine Sensation? Enjoy a glass of wine under the sky as the cosmic spectacle unfolds! They have solar glasses and truffle popcorn, and the wine will be flowing.

For more event info, click here!

Photo Via: Rock Studios

Dell Diamond

There is about to be a total eclipse in the ballpark! Dell Diamond is hosting an eclipse party that will be a home run! There will with space-themed treats like the Rocket Dog, MoonPie Milkshake, and a stellar playlist and eclipse viewing shades. Plus, CBS Austin meteorologist Avery Tomasco will be there to guide attendees through the countdown and shed light on what to expect from this celestial show!

For more event info, click here!

More Events Around the City!

Swallow Wine

Ruby Hotel

Ikea Solar Eclipse Party

Alcove Cantina

The Rock Sports Bar

Where to get eclipse Glasses?

Safety first when viewing the eclipse! Looking directly at the sun will cause permanent eye damage unless you are in the path of totality and look during the brief minutes of totality. Make sure to pick up a pair of American Astronomical Society Certified glasses before you embark on your solar eclipse viewing journey! There are plenty of spots with glasses, including retail chains like H-E-B, Walmart, and Buc-ees. Look for glasses labeled ISO 12312-2 or ISO 12312-2:2015. Click here for a full list of approved retailers.

Prepare for a “totality” awesome time in Round Rock, TX! The moon is about to photobomb the sun, and it will be a sight to see. For more stellar activities during your stay, check out our Top Ten Adventures!