Walk Through History In Round Rock, TX

Transport to another era with a stroll through Round Rock. You’ll traverse through the decades and see what life was like in Round Rock years prior. There is plenty of history to be seen, but we picked out ten must-see spots near downtown to observe during your stay!

Stop 1: Round Rock Visitors Center (231 E Main Street, Suite #150)

Photo of the CVB

The Visitors Center in Downtown Round Rock is the go-to spot for history seekers. We have knowledgeable staff members that can share information about our city and history. We also have visitor information and copies of a full Historical Walking Tour for guests.

Stop 2: Nelson-Crier House/Woodbine Mansion (405 E. Main Steet)

Photo of woodbine mansion.
Photo Credit: Woodbine Mansion

The Nelson-Crier House (Woodbine Mansion) has been in the heart of Round Rock for decades. This mansion was built in 1895 and was a central hub for trade. The historical estate was remodeled in 1931 by a Dallas Architect to a classic Greek revival style with an iconic columned porch. This Texas Historical Landmark now serves as a sophisticated wedding and event venue. 

Stop 3: Trinity Lutheran College (104 S. Georgetown Street)

Photo of Trinity Luther building.
Photo credit: City of Round Rock

This home was built around the 1900s for the president of Trinity Lutheran College and was originally located on the corner of Main and College Street. It currently resides on Georgetown Street and is still in prime condition.

Stop 4: J.A. Nelson Building (201-203 E. Main Street)

Photo of J.A Nelson Building.
Photo credit: City of Round Rock

The J.A. Nelson building is a gorgeous structure in the heart of downtown. It has ornate windows and arches, decorative features, and fine stonework. This building was once the site of a large general store, hardware store, and bank. The Nelson Hardware company supplied many materials for the historic homes that still stand today.

Stop 5: Andrew J Palm House (212 E Main Street)

Photo of Palm House

The oldest building on Main Street is the Palm House, built in 1873. This quaint early frontier-style building was moved to Main Street from the Palm Valley area and is now a historical landmark. 

Stop 6: Koppel Store (101 E Main Street)

Photo of Koppel Store.

Henry Koppel built this grocery store and remained in the family until 1902. After that, it was sold to different owners and was a fabric shop and also a greyhound bus station.

Stop 7: Saloon/Rock Theater (116 E Main Street)

Photo of Saloon and Rock Theater.

The Saloon/ Rock Theater was once a barber shop, billiards, and saloon. Then it was transformed into Round Rock’s first permanent movie house. Owner W.W. Rucker who also served as the mayor, brought big-time movies into town, including Stagecoach with John Wayne on opening weekend.

Stop 8: The Old Broom Factory (100 E Main Street)

Old vintage photo of Old Broom Factory.
Photo credit: City of Round Rock

The Old Broom Factory circa 1900 is a Round Rock icon and was one of the town’s major employers. This broom factory produced a gold medal-winning broom at the 1904 World’s Fair.

Stop 9: Sam Bass Death Site

Photo of Sam Bass Death Site.

Sam Bass, a well-known train robber and outlaw came to Round Rock in 1878. Deputy Sheriff A.W. Grimes and Sam Bass were both killed in the gun battle, and Sam Bass died at this location. Both are now buried at the Round Rock Cemetery on Sam Bass Rd.

Stop 10: Koughan Memorial Water Tower Park

Photo of Round Rock Tower.
Photo credit: City of Round Rock

The iconic Round Rock Tower was initially constructed in 1935 by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company.  This 140-foot tower holds 50,000 gallons of water but was taken out of commission as a water tank in 1986. It now stands as a landmark in the center of downtown Round Rock.

We hope you enjoyed traveling back in time and traveling to Round Rock, Texas! We take pride in being a city that preserves its history for locals and visitors to enjoy. If you’re hungry for more history, check out a History Buff’s Guide to Round Rock.