Ghama Zone – Korean

A new Korean restaurant opened in Downtown Round Rock and can be found at 118 East Main Street.

The restaurant’s menu boasts traditional and modern Korean dishes. Of particularly note, there are three specific appetizers. There’s the pockets, which are Ghama version of inari sushi where nori is swapped with bean curd that envelopes rice and fillings (think kimchi shrimp, pollock roe, pork, bulgogi). Then there are kimbap, which are rice/vegetable/meat combinations rolled in rice and dried seaweed, with options like duldak (spicy chicken), tuna salad, or a vegan iteration. Finally, there are ggochi, skewered dishes with items like boiled eggs, tofu, rice cakes, and more. There are also seafood pancakes, a potato pancake with truffles, and fried chicken.

For fuller entrees, Ghama serves jjim (meats) such as galbi jjim (braised short ribs), jjim dak (braised marinated chicken with glass noodles and vegetables), seh-woo jang (steamed pork), and bibimbap (rice with meats and vegetables). Then there are soups and hot pots, like the beef rib soup and the army base stew with a slew of meats, tofu, kimchi, and vegetables.

Dessert includes hotteok ice cream (South Korean pancakes), bingu, and sweet tteok (rice cakes). The lunch menu offers sets centered on the pockets, ggochi, and kimbap. And then for drinks, there are Korean wines, hot and cold sakes, other wines, beers, and nonalcoholic drinks including teas and sodas.

Chef and owner Peter Kim wants to open Ghama as a way to “expand Korean food and culture.” He also describes the restaurant as a “traditional and modern cozy-vibe restaurant that tries to serve higher end but affordable dishes.”

Expect indoor dine-in services and takeout orders.

118 East Main Street
Round Rock, TX 78664

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