Made in Round Rock, TX

There’s a dash of hometown magic that comes with items made locally. We’ve been told that homemade goods reign supreme because they are made with love. And we truly believe it! We popped into stores of local artisans and got a behind-the-scenes look at their handiwork. We saw craftsmanship and soul in each creation. We compiled a list of authentically “Made in Round Rock” treasures for you to discover during your stay.

Round Rock Honey

The Round Rock Honey Bees are busy, and so are the owners at Round Rock Honey. They are dedicated to beekeeping and harvesting honey! Their mantra is “That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it!” So grab a honey dipper and enjoy nature’s candy from Round Rock Honey.

P.S. Round Rock has recently earned the prestigious title of “Bee City” and is committed to adopting pollinator-friendly standards for the bees in our city!

Gourmet Texas Pasta

boxes of linguine

We give the pasta at Gourmet Texas Pasta a chef’s kiss! It’s a pasta lover’s paradise and a genuine gem in Round Rock! When you walk through the doors, you’re wafted with a savory scent of freshly made pasta. Rows of long linguine hang to dry, and trays of noodles are on display. What sets Gourmet Texas Pasta apart are their inventive offerings, from the zesty Szechuan Orange Spice Linguine to tasty Pizza Pasta. Plus, they cater to everyone’s palate, including options like Gluten-free Fusilli and even Chocolate Pasta!

Merry’s Mud Pottery House

Cups hanging on wall

This cozy business is brimming with handmade pottery from Merry herself and local artists. There is additional artwork like jewelry, paintings, and more sprinkled throughout. The ambiance in Merry’s Mud House is so tranquil and relaxing you’ll want to stay all day. It’s the ideal spot to find an artistic souvenir and enjoy a cup of jo and a baked chocolate chip cookie.

Round Rock Jelly & Co.

Get into a Texas barfight during your stay. A jar of award-winning Texas Barfight Jam that is! The Round Rock Jelly & Co is a family-owned company with quality jelly and jams with the finest ingredients and distinctive combinations. They have unique creations and boozy samplers with unique flavors like Margarita Jelly, Blueberry Pinot Jam, and Drunk Cherry Jam. We found our jars in the Mays Street Boutique, but you can find more jars of goodness at these select locations or online!

Paige’s Bakehouse

The cookies at Paige’s Bakehouse are “so golden” and decorated to perfection. From delectable sugar cookies to melt-in-your-mouth cake pops, they have your sweet tooth covered. Make your baked goods dreams come true with a stop by Paige’s Bakehouse!

Round Rock Merch

Merch is from Hometown Gift and Decor

If you go on vacation, but you don’t get local merch, did you even go? Make sure to check out our local boutiques and score some memorabilia that screams, “I was here!” They’ve got everything from stylish t-shirts and mugs to quaint postcards and even a little something for your fridge to keep those memories fresh!

Downtowner Gallery

The Downtowner Gallery is your go-to destination for made-in-Round Rock artwork. They are a public venue with rotating exhibits from hundreds of local artists from all backgrounds. You can purchase a grand centerpiece or a smaller keepsake at this gallery. Come to the heart of downtown Round Rock and get an artistic treasure to commemorate your visit!

The Bell Collection

Round Rock local John had a lightbulb moment after seeing the artistry of bell-making on a grand scale at a gem show. He thought, “Why not make wearable bells?” Fast forward, and The Bell Collection is ringing in the orders and shipping hundreds of bells nationwide weekly. Each bell comes with a unique story card to brighten your day. You can order this local gem online or call 800-225-4210 to tour the bell factory.

Papi’s Pies

Photo via: City of Round Rock

We had to include the “Best Cherry Pie in Texas” in our Made-in-Round Rock roundup! Papi’s Pies has been in the news for their tasty creations and scrumptious pies! Their famous cherry pie has the perfect combination of sweet and tart and just the right amount of sugar. The crust is flaked to perfection, and the filling is sheer perfection.

Bluebonnet Beer Company

Photo via: Bluebonnet Beer Company

Sip like a local during your stay! Stop by the Bluebonnet Beer Company and get a refreshing brew. The Bluebonnet Beer company is a family-owned establishment that has been in Round Rock since 2013. They craft bold beers that will make your taste buds very hoppy!

Round Rock Donuts

You may have heard, but we have one of the best donut spots around! These famous orange donuts are made with a homemade batter that melts in your mouth. Round Rock Donuts was recently ranked first on Yelp’s Top 100 US Donut Shops of 2022. It’s a must-visit spot during your stay.

Round Rock Market Days & Farmers Market Vendors

Photo via: City of Round Rock

Get all things local at Round Rock Market Days and the local farmers market! Shop homegrown produce, snacks, and handcrafted knick-knacks. You’ll feel like a true Round Rocker after a day at the market!

Immerse yourself in the genuine Round Rock experience as you discover our “Made in Round Rock” gems. Shop like a local and bring home a gift to remember your stay. If you’re eager for more activities, peruse our attractions to make more memories!