Relax & Recharge in Round Rock, TX

Ahh, the holidays have passed, and you’re still in a food-induced fog and time has eluded you. You can’t decide if you want to change into real pants or live in your sweats forever. Have no fear; we have a relaxing guide to shake the season’s stupor and get you groovin’! Here are ideal ways to relax and recharge in Round Rock, TX! And yes, real pants are totally optional.

Unwind with A Spa Day

The front of viva spa

Do you have muscle knots from wrapping all of those presents? Get a massage and melt the holiday stress away. Our local spas like Viva Spa and Kalahari Spa have treatments that will make you feel brand new for the new year!

Escape to Nature

a bridge in amongst the trees

Need some alone time away from the inlaws or kiddos? How about a solo walk through our serene paths and relaxing outdoors? Unplug and enjoy a blissful day outside. We have 2270 acres of peaceful parks and 20 miles of tranquil trails.

Channel your inner artist

A colorful painting of a bird and flowers underneath a clock tower.

Brush off your stress by immersing yourself in art! We have a thriving art scene with plenty to view. Or get in the creative flow at Painting with a Twist or Ceramic Lodge and create your own masterpiece!

Enjoy a Laid back Latte

a beautiful latte

Not a morning person? Join the club. We prefer a morning coffee before any tasks or convos. Enjoy a mellow sunrise with a comforting cup of coffee or warm tea at our local coffee shops. Its the perfect way to slowly seize the day!

Watch The Latest Flick

Interior view of Flix Brewhouse
Photo via: Flix Brewhouse

We love a Flix and chill day at the Flix Brewhouse! Not only do they have the latest features they also have microbrews and culinary delights. It’s a great way to have a low-key day. Get ready to recline and relax!

Stroll Through History

Outside view of the woodbine mansion with large white pillars

Stroll through the decades with a leisurely historic walking tour! Explore our stunning limestone architecture and discover the stories behind our landmarks and significant locations. You’ll be transported to another decade and experience Round Rock like never before.

Get some Retail Therapy

weekend vibes tote bag

Ok, we know shopping and relaxing aren’t normally in the same sentence, but we’re in our zen zone at our local boutiques! We love a good retail therapy session to unwind and spruce up the wardrobe. The Round Rock boutiques create a calming ambiance for a soothing shopping spree.

Take a Sleep-cation!

A person sleeping with two fingers up
Photo by: @heather.brucks

We feel like we could use a sleep-cation after the holiday hustle. Take a long winter’s nap and recharge at our local hotels. Round Rock has over 30 relaxing hotels where you can get your beauty rest and re-energize.

Looking for more ways to de-stress? Swing by the Visitors Center for a roadmap to relaxation. Your stress-free escape is just a visit away!