Round Rock Arts Trip

Round Rock, TX is a flourishing art hub with art from all mediums. From captivating sculptures to live music downtown, Round Rock has an iconic art scene that beckons to be explored! Here is a 3-day itinerary for your creative vacation.

Friday Morning

Breakfast at Waffle Love

Waffle Love

Begin your artistic adventure with breakfast at Waffle Love! They whip up waffle masterpieces that you will adore. You’ll be in honeycombed heaven when you try these culinary creations. They have unique waffle flavors like Churro Dream, Lemon Curd, and Banana Cream pie. If you’re craving savory, you can order Chicken & Waffles or Avocado Waffle Toast. Along with their creative waffles, they have colorful murals covering the walls, so you can admire artwork while you appreciate your meal!

Friday Afternoon

Gallivant through the Downtowner Gallery

Downtowner-Gallery with art work on walls

Downtowner Gallery is located on Main Street in the heart of downtown. This eclectic art gallery and public venue promotes and supports artistic expression from artists of all backgrounds. They showcase rotating exhibits from 12 pm-5 pm on Tuesday-Friday. This is a must-see spot for your artistic trip!

Enjoy an espresso and artwork at Lamppost Coffee

Need an afternoon pick me up after the gallery? Swing by Lamppost Coffee on Main Street or Round Rock Ave for a latte and artwork. This cozy coffee shop has gourmet coffee and stunning art pieces for purchase. They also have delightful pastries and treats.

Eat lunch in Prete Plaza

Order lunch to-go and eat it in Prete Plaza in Downtown Round Rock. Prete Plaza is the ideal location for a relaxing and artistic lunch break. Experience a calm ambiance and view sculptures and vibrant canvas art while dining.

Stroll through the city on a sculpture walk

Roam through the streets of Round Rock and view eloquent sculpture installations and scenery. We have handpicked sculptures that give our landscape an aesthetic flair. Use this curated guide to find beauty around each corner.

Friday Evening

Transport to Italy for dinner at Palermo Pasta House

Salute to authentic Italian cuisine! Pull out your passport because you’re going to give Palermo Pasta House a stamp of approval! This authentic Italian restaurant is a gem in Downtown Round Rock. They serve made from scratch meals that will make your taste buds dance. Some chef recommendations are the Palermo Appetizer Plate and Sugo with Ravioli.

Dance the night away with live music

Round Rock was just named a Music Friendly Community in Texas and was recognized as a city that fosters the musical community and offers local and visiting artists opportunities to play and develop their talents. Many artists live in Round Rock and play at local venues and community events like Music on Main and Beaujolais Nights in Prete Plaza. If you want to find live music during your trip, make sure to check out the Round Rock Arts and Culture Facebook Page for weekly music venues and updates.

Saturday Morning

Brunch at Urban Eat and Drink

Brunch is always a good idea! Start day two of your trip with a picture-worthy meal at the Urban Eat and Drink. They have delicious dishes ready to be devoured. Some of their brunch items are Croque Monsieur, Spicy Chicken & Waffle, and Tex-Mex Miga.

Photo walk through our parks

After you post an Instagram photo of your brunch, continue taking pictures at our local parks! Snap away at our scenic landscape. We have over 2,270 acres of parks and open spaces for visitors to explore and capture content.  

Treat yourself to a slice of pie at Papi’s Pies

Papis Pie

Enjoy a slice of award-winning pie or a light lunch at Papi’s Pies. Their cherry pie is to die for! It has the perfect mixture of tart and sweet cherries and flaky crust. They also have an extraordinary art gallery with artwork from local artists throughout.

Catch a matinee at Flix Brewhouse

Watch the latest feature and try the latest craft beer at the Flix Brewhouse. This luxury movie theatre has comfortable seating, an extensive food menu, and a microbrewery inside of it! Hop on over to this unique theater and sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Saturday Evening

Savor seafood at Salt Traders

It’s time for you to be selfish and eat all the shellfish! It’s alright, you don’t have to share a plate; there is plenty to go around at Salt Traders. They bring the coast to you with their scrumptious seafood plates. They have delectable options like Gulf of Mexico Shrimp, Seafood Gumbo, Seared Scallops, and more!

Cocktails, music and artwork at The Ruby Hotel

Cap off the night with a cocktail and snack at The Ruby Hotel. They have thoughtfully crafted libations and fares for guests to appreciate. They also have live music on select days and an artist of the month gallery.

Sunday Morning

Toast with mimosas during brunch at Finley’s

Today’s forecast: 100 percent chance of mimosas! Celebrate your vacation at Finley’s weekend brunch. Order a mimosa bucket for the table with your choice of orange, grapefruit, pineapple, or cranberry juice! They also offer Breakfast Bruschetta, Texas Brisket Hash, and Biscuits & Gravy.

View and purchase artwork at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions

Experience the vibrance of the Africa Safari at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions. Kalahari has 1,000 pieces of authentic African artwork, furniture, and retail items throughout the massive resort. They also have an outdoor Amatuli Market where you can purchase pieces from local artisans and African craftsmen and women. The Amatuli Market has an outdoor bar and live music during spring, summer, and fall!

Sunday Afternoon

Grab your mate and eat lunch at Kenney Fort Pub!

Cheers, y’all! Enjoy Texas hospitality and a proper British meal at the Kenney Fort Pub. They have classics like Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash. There are brilliant murals splashed upon the walls to bring color to your lunch.

Peruse through records at Piranha Records

After your show at Sam Bass, head to Piranha Records for a groovy time. Experience musical bliss while sifting through records at Piranha Records! This record shop is a hidden treasure in Round Rock and has plenty of vinyl records and products to peruse through.

Sunday Evening

Enjoy authentic Irish architecture and cuisine at Cork & Barrel

You’ll feel like you’re across the pond when you visit Cork & Barrel! The Cork & Barrel Craft Kitchen + Microbrewery is an iconic Irish pub with authentic Irish architecture. It sits on a gorgeous property with a large outdoor patio covered in lush greenery. They also have live music during the weekend!

Create a masterpiece at Painting with a Twist

Equipped with an easel, paint, brushes, and most importantly, wine, you’ll be able to paint a masterpiece. Paint the night away at Painting with a Twist. Sip on a glass of wine, and cheers to a fantastic arts trip to Round Rock!

We hope this itinerary inspires you for your upcoming vacation. If you need more inspiration, check out our blog page for creative trip ideas. See you soon!