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Sports Event Testimonials bannerYour next sporting event should be in Round Rock – but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at these sport event testimonials about The Sports Capital of Texas and you’ll be ready to book your event today!



“We chose Round Rock as the location of our national Deaf basketball tournament for a number of reasons. First, we needed a facility in our Southwest Region, which includes Texas. Second, we needed a venue that met the majority of the requirements on our tournament checklist. The meeting room at the Round Rock Sports Center was an added bonus. We will host our team meeting there, which allows teams to see the courts in advance and become familiar with them. Finally, we also liked the location’s close proximity to the Deaf community and the Texas School for the Deaf in Austin.”

- Christina Costello, Commissioner, USA Deaf Basketball

“We are so excited to be able to come to Round Rock again, especially after such a successful tournament in 2016. It is called the Sports Capital of Texas and we see very much why that is the case. Round Rock provides what I like to say is the best recipe for sport tournament success: great hospitality, great venues and great people!”

- Willy Leparulo, Board of Directors President, National Collegiate Table Tennis Association

“We have a competitive bidding process and during our site visit we were very impressed with several aspects of Round Rock, including the community feel, deep understanding of sports tourism, proximity to an international airport and phenomenal facilities that were built to support championship-level events. Hosting the US Quidditch Cup at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex will help us elevate the quality of our event. Not only is there a large number of high-quality fields, but there is also space for a fan festival and indoor meeting space for a VIP experience, too. Spectator ticket pre-sales indicate that this year's US Quidditch Cup will draw a large crowd.”

- Sarah Woolsey, Executive Director, US Quidditch

“We chose the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex for this event because it exceeds both our quality and quantity expectations. Collegiate level play requires first-rate field conditions and larger field dimensions than most venues can accommodate. In addition to the quality of the sports complex, having enough fields for all games, practice areas and a championship setting all in one location is a win for us overall. After meeting with our accommodating hosts at the Round Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau and the operations staff at the Round Rock Multipurpose Complex, we knew that this was a place we wanted to bring the WCLA National Tournament, and we feel confident our participants will feel the same.”

- Kim Rogers, Director of Special Events, US Lacrosse

“We are looking forward to bringing the 2018 USA Judo Senior National Championships to Round Rock. The Round Rock Sports Center is one of the newer and nicer venues we’ve been to, and its open setting and other amenities are perfect for us to bring in several hundred of the top judo players in the United States for this national championship event.”

- Keith Bryant, CEO, USA Judo

“I love the Round Rock Sports Center. They have the best facility in the country, perfectly designed with the player as the main focal point. The stadium seating on the upper level gives parents a great view and focuses all of the attention onto the players below. The facility is gorgeous and is one of the most well thought out facilities in the US, but the main reason I chose Round Rock is because of their amazing staff. They are first-class, accessible, considerate and helpful. The staff goes above and beyond with every detail and are very hands-on. That's the most important part for me.”

- TJ Ford, CEO, TJ Ford Basketball


Whatever size your tournament, our staff can help you plan every detail and make sure your players have a great experience on and off the field. Round Rock has sporting facilities for all types of sports; from baseball, softball, soccer, football, Ultimate frisbee, and Quidditch, to table tennis, judo, rugby, golf, volleyball, cheer, dance, wrestling, lacrosse and more. Check out some of our venues below or visit our facilities page to view them all.

For questions about hotel bookings, tournament bookings and facilities amenities, contact Nancy Yawn, Director of  the Round Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau at (512) 218-7094 or at nyawn@roundrocktexas.gov.


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