Spots that Rock- Liberty Barbecue

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Promising Beginnings

What happens when a pitmaster, a chef, and a Round Rock native come together and join creative forces? BBQ magic found at Round Rock’s Liberty Barbecue. Opened December of 2018, Liberty Barbecue was voted the best BBQ in town after a mere three weeks of opening. With a dynamic team and atmosphere of love, this Texas barbecue restaurant shows no signs of giving up their title anytime soon.

Liberty Barbecue Pitmaster and Owner John Brotherton is no stranger to Texas barbecue. In fact, this Texas food group has always been a part of his life. His mother worked in a barbecue restaurant, and he was never far from a barbecue pit as his father was a welder and BBQ pit maker. Brotherton started to experiment with the craft in high school and eventually earned the title of “Smoke King.” He has been winning over others with his tasty creations ever since.

Consequently, Brotherton’s barbecue won over Liberty Owner and Partner Joe Perez who said, “When I tried his barbecue I knew right away we were going to be in business together.” Perez, a Round Rock native, always dreamed of opening a business downtown. His parents were downtown business owners, so the opportunity to work with Brotherton, and carry on his family’s legacy was a no brainer.

With the talent of Brotherton, Perez, and Executive Chef Marvin Briley, it’s no wonder that the Round Rock community has been flooding to this spot since opening.

A Unique BBQ Experience

As you walk through the doors you will quickly realize this is not your typical BBQ restaurant where you have to wait in a long line to order your meal. At Liberty, get ready to rest your legs and enjoy a “more sophisticated dining experience,” says Executive Chef Marvin Briley. Briley graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and worked at an upscale hotel before bringing his talent to Liberty Barbecue. In his opinion, what sets Liberty apart from other barbecue eateries is their secret sauce: love. From the bartenders, to the servers, to the Smoke King, and Chef himself, everyone works to ensure that visitors have an exceptional dining experience. Top that with prime meat, fresh-baked bread, and live music on the weekends, and you will never want to leave. 

Executive Chef Marvin Briley
Executive Chef Marvin Briley

What To Order

Liberty’s menu includes all of the meat-loving favorites like brisket, pulled pork, and sausage that will satisfy the most seasoned BBQ connoisseurs, and includes innovative choices that will impress you, like their signature flatbreads. Originally this BBQ dwelling was a pizza shop. With the original wood fire pizza oven still intact, Liberty decided to create five BBQ flatbreads, paying homage to the previous space. Pair with a smoke-infused cocktail and delight your inner foodie.

Overwhelmed by all of the delicious possibilities? Don’t worry, we know the predicament of staring at a menu and wondering ‘what should I try?,” so we broke it down for you.

Here is what the folks at Liberty recommend you try when stopping by for a meal:

Marvin Briley (Executive Chef)

  • Trash Fries- crispy fries covered with mozzarella cheese, topped with Liberty brisket, pico, a bit of bacon, and green onions. Don’t forget to indulge in the side of queso and ranch. “It is a wonderful appetizer that will hit every nail.”

John Brotherton (Pitmaster/Owner)

  • The Texas Trinity- ribs, sausage, and brisket. Liberty makes their sausages in-house so make sure to give them a try when you pop in!

Joe Perez (Owner/Partner)

  • The Deviled Eggs- Topped with a bacon bourbon jam that slow cooks for 6 hours. These treats are a “gateway to deliciousness.”

Visit Liberty Barbecue and find your favorite item on the menu. In the words of Executive Chef Marvin Briley, “Liberty Barbecue is just getting started.” 

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