Tacos in Round Rock, TX

Tacos and Texas go hand-in-hand and have been inseparable for years! Texans have a deep love for tacos, and they’re practically a major food group here. Round Rock has embraced the taco craze, and restaurants across the city serve tortilla-wrapped treasures. We scouted out taco spots so you can indulge your taco cravings for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Juarez Restaurant & Bakery

Photo of Breakfast taco with bacon, egg, potato and salsa and a coffee cup in the background.

Life hack: If you’re not a morning person, order breakfast tacos and espresso from Juarez Restaurant & Bakery, and you’ll perk right up! Getting a breakfast taco is an essential morning routine in Texas. At Juarez, they have the traditional meat, potato, and egg combos for only $2.80. What a deal! Stop hitting snooze and taste these tacos.

Taqueria Jaguar’s

Photo of A plate of 4 tacos
Photo by: @finddeliciousfood

We’re a firm believer that some of the best tacos are made in food truck kitchens, and that is true at Taqueria Jaguar’s! This restaurant serves superb tacos that melt in your mouth! They have an assortment of tacos like Barbacoa, Choriqueso, Campechanas, and Pastor. If you’re craving a breakfast taco, they have Migas, Bacon & Egg, Mexican Eggs, and more!

Luna’s Taco

Photo of A plate of shrimp tacos.

We love Luna’s Tacos to the moon and back! These taco specialists are serious about their craft, and their extensive menu is a testament to that. They push the envelope with their tacos with unique international delights like Green Curry Coconut Shrimp, Gladiola, Little Taco Man, and Bulgogi Beef. Blast off to Luna’s and prepare for out-of-this-world flavors!

Tio Dan Café Puffy Tacos N Fish

Photo of a puffy chicken taco.

Discover the magic of Puffy Tacos at Tio Dan’s! San Antonio may be the birthplace of puffy tacos, but thanks to Owner Dan, Round Rock can taste this Tex-Mex masterpiece. Dan started selling tacos out of the trunk of his car, and then he slowly worked up to being able to open his very own restaurant in 1987, and they have been serving Round Rock ever since! Along with their famous Puffy Tacos, they have drool-worthy creations like Gordita Tacos, Breakfast Tacos, and Baja Fish Tacos!

Velvet Taco

The tacos at Velvet Taco are criminally good! The first Round Rock location just opened and taco lovers are buzzing about their Tex-Mex creations! They have unique flavors like bold Spicy Tikka, Korean Fried Rice, and mouthwatering Kobe Bacon Burger. Their tacos are irresistibly delicious and smooth like velvet!

Veracruz All Natural

Photo of a sign at Veracruz All Natural with the menu and fruit.

Listen up foodies- we’ve found taco excellence at Veracruz! Owners and sister duo Reyna and Maritza Vazquez have made a name for themselves and won awards to back it up. Their restaurant has been featured on Food Network as a Top 5 Restaurant, Austin Monthly-Best of ATX, an Eater Approved restaurant, and more! After one bite of our taco, we could tell why they had won so many awards. They are gold-standard tacos made with fresh ingredients and seasoned to perfection!

Urban Turban

Photo of 4 tacos from Urban Turban
Photo via: @urbanturban

We found some unique taco spots in Round Rock, and we had to include The Urban Turban Food Truck because they are shaking up the taco scene! They create bold fusion tacos made with international flavors. They have Tandoori Chicken Tacos and Birria’s Cousin (Beef Tacos) that will make your taste buds tingle!

Taco More

Photo of a close up of a hand holding three tacos.
Photo via@finddelciousfood

What more do you need than enjoying a delicious taco? That’s all we need! At Taco More, they have traditional breakfast tacos, but if you want to change things up, try an egg and cactus taco. For lunch, they have chicken, beef, carnitas, and pork, or try a goat taco. These tacos will make you want to shimmy right out of your seat!

Besos Cocina & Cantina

Photo of birra tacos, chips, salsa and rice.
Photo by: @for_the_love_of_food_atx

We give a chef’s kiss to the Besos Cocina & Cantina tacos! This place has tantalizing tacos. They have the irresistible Queso Birria Tacos that are the latest craze these days! Additionally, they have a street taco plate with an assortment of mini tacos, or you can have a crunchy lunch with a beef or chicken Crispy Taco!

Phonatic Vietnamese Food

 Photo of vietnamese street tacos
Photo by: @phonatictx

Looking for a tasty and exotic twist on the classic taco? Say “xin chào” (yes) to Vietnamese street tacos! They have chicken, ork, shrimp, and tofu tacos to indulge in. These tacos will make you want to do a happy dance!

The Alcove Cantina

Photo of two tacos with rice and salsa.
Photo via: @downtownroundrock

Looking for the perfect place to get your taco and margarita fix while jamming to live tunes? Look no further than The Alcove in downtown Round Rock. Alcove has immaculate margs, tacos, and vibes!


Photo of a large taco with lots of toppings.
Photo by: @downtownroundrock

Enjoy Taco Tuesday (and every other day) at Recuerdos! They are a family-owned restaurant with Texas-sized tacos and homemade flour tortillas. They have breakfast tacos to kick-start your day. Then for lunch and dinner, you can get a Carne Guisada, Chicharon, a Miga, or more!

Taquerias Arandinas

Photo of two tacos with a lime.
Photo by: @jess.m.s.l

We’ve heard good things about the authentic cuisine and tantalizing tacos at Taquerias Arandinas! They offer flavorful classics and more daring options like Lengua (Beef Tongue) and Tripe (Stomach)! Your taste buds will thank you for taking them to Taquerias Arandinas.

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

Photo of tacos and rice.
Photo by: @salttraders

Taco lovers! We have good news! They just got new South Texas fish tacos with fried drum fish at Salt Traders. This delicious dish comes on a double-layered white tortilla and a bed of creamy avocado mousse, pickled onion, and Jalapeños, with fennel and roasted corn on the side. We know where we’re going for lunch this week.

El Rinconcito

Photo of breakfast taco.
Photo by: @tcrane68

We heard rave reviews from locals about El Rinconcito, so we had to add it to our blog! This family-owned and operated restaurant throws a flavorful taco fiesta! They prepare authentic tacos like Al Pastor, Campechanos, and Chorizo tacos, and they make fresh tortillas daily!

Torchy’s Tacos

Photo of tacos from Torchy's taco
Photo via: @atxphoto_karla

At Torchy’s, they bring a distinctive taco selection and quirky personality! What started from humble beginnings as a food trailer and a red Vespa has now exploded into a taco empire with over 90 locations nationwide! And lucky for you, we’ve got not one but two Torchy’s locations that are worth a visit. Trust us; these tacos are good! Our personal fave is the Trailer Park Taco with its crispy fried chicken, zesty green chilies, and all the perfect combo of toppings.

We hope the tacos in Round Rock guac your world, and you have a satisfying trip! If you are looking for a margarita to complement your taco, check out our margarita blog and have a fiesta!