Where to watch the Sunset in Round Rock

“The sky in Texas is the most amazing sky in the whole world. I think you can see more sky in Texas than you can see anywhere else.” – Idina Menzel

Dusk is an enchanting time in Texas, and the sky is transformed into a work of art. Watch the golden globe fall from the sky and melt into a brilliant masterpiece during your vacation. Take in vivid lilac hues, vibrant oranges, and cotton candy pinks. Slow down, relax, and catch a sunset at these spots in Round Rock.

Downtown Round Rock

Photo via: @downtownroundrock

One of our favorite pastimes while traveling is strolling through the city while enjoying an ice cream cone! You can stop at 3 Star Candy Shop, order a scoop, and wander through our historic downtown during your stay. Marvel at the sights as you leisurely walk by our classic limestone architecture.

Old Settlers Park

Photo via: @roundrocktexas

Old Settlers Park is the ultimate spot for sunset seekers. The scenery is remarkable, and the atmosphere is serene at this 640-acre park. Watch the sun sluggishly sink as you walk around Bright Lake or while lounging in a hammock at Yonders Point. This park is a tranquil location to savor the evening.

The Ruby Hotel

Photo via: @therubyhotelandbar

Escape to your happy place on the patio overlooking Brushy Creek at the Ruby Hotel. This whimsical boutique hotel has a bar and lounge with a spread of Hors-d’œuvres, cocktails, and mocktails. Sip rosé while the day fades away.

Round Rock Golf Courses

Photo via: @terravista

Swing until sundown at our local golf courses! We have award-winning courses for visitors to play on. From Forest Creek Golf Club to the Teravista Club, we have plenty to offer any golf enthusiast. Watch the sun fall on the horizon while your golf ball falls in the hole.

Koughan Memorial Water Tower

Round Rock Tower
Photo by:@delaranjarrt

Have you seen our iconic water tower? This 140-foot tower could hold up to 50,000 gallons of water, but it now stands as a historical landmark in our city. It is located in the heart of downtown and has a small park surrounding it with benches to sit on. It is an idyllic spot to watch the sun go down.

Dell Diamond

Photo via: @artirwinphoto

Imagine sitting in a stadium chair eating a buttery bag of popcorn and watching the sun slowly fall at the Dell Diamond. You can cheer on the Round Rock Express or cheer on the sun as it sets! Gaze at the colorful rays falling below the horizon on game night.

The Bats at McNeil Bridge

Photo via: @strawry6

When the sun comes down, the bats come out! Did you know that nearly half a million Mexican free-tailed bats call the McNeil Bridge in Round Rock their home? These bats awaken at nightfall and emerge in flocks from under the bridge. For more information on their flight times and where to watch them, visit batsinroundrock.com.

Round Rock Multipurpose Complex

Photo via: @itsophiarosee

Sunset and sports dreams come true at the Multipurpose Complex! It might be hard to focus on the game when the sky is so mesmerizing! The colors pop against the green fields, and a spectrum of lights streaks the sky.

Veteran’s Park

Photo by: @flash_parties94

Observe the sunset sights and listen to the sounds of flowing water at Veteran’s Park. Golden beams peak through the skyline and reflect on Brushy Creek at this peaceful park.

We hope you marvel at the sky and have a relaxing stay in our city. If you are looking for more tranquil activities while you’re here, check out ways to Rejuvenate in Round Rock!