Wine-Lover’s Guide to Round Rock, Tx

Swirl a well-aged Bordeaux or sip on a buttery Chardonnay during your Round Rock vacation. We have an array of wine-centric locations with a wine for every palate. Take your taste buds on a grape escape in our city. Here is a wine-lovers guide to Round Rock, Texas.

Wine Sensation

Photo via: @downtownroundrock

We believe everything happens for a riesling! Embrace the moment and head to Wine Sensation. It’s a charming wine bar for seasoned aficionados or vino newbies! It’s minutes from Main Street and an exemplary spot to nibble on a breadboard and taste a selection of wine. They have flights available for sampling, or you can purchase the bottle if you’re fond of a particular wine!

The Ruby Hotel

Our zen place is on a patio sipping a full glass of merlot while watching the sunset melt into the horizon. You can find this place at the Ruby Hotel Bar. They know how to create an ambiance, and the vibe is so soothing. Cherish your holiday while cherishing a rich, ruby-red glass of wine at the Ruby!

Urban Rooftop

We heard wine tastes better when you’re on a rooftop! Ok, we may have made that fact up, but we think it’s true. There is something about being up higher with a view of the city that elevates the senses! Urban Rooftop has a full-bodied list of wines from Tempranillos from Spain to Pinot Grigios from Italy.

Hoot & Annie

Photo by: @finddeliciousfood

Hoot & Annie is a posh speakeasy that is known for its refined cocktails, but they also have bottles of wine tucked away for when a wine lover comes to visit. Sit on a plush velvet couch as you savor a smooth glass. Hoot & Annie knows how to set the scene for a perfect night.

Redds Piano Bar and lounge

Photo by:@jesqueda124

What looks like an unassuming reading nook inside the Kalahari Resorts and Conventions actually opens up into a ritzy piano bar with a live pianist! The bar is stocked with craft cocktails and select wines to set the mood. Listen to a lovely melody while wine dances on your tongue!


You can search high and low for good wine, or you could stop by the High-Country Market Bistro. They have brimming shelves with an assortment of fine wines. After you select a bottle or two to take home, order a slice of their gourmet cake to match your wine.

3406 social

Photo by: 3406 Social

Craft and Racked Restaurant Wine Bar has rebranded, and they are now 3406 Social! Along with their custom cocktails, they have a selection of wines on the menu. They host a special wine night on Wednesday, or should we call it “Winesday,” where all wines are only $5 until 8 pm. The atmosphere is modern and industrial and is an ideal spot to enjoy a glass of wine.

We hope you were able to (wine) down in Round Rock and relish every moment. If you visit us, we love to see photos from your trip! If you post on social media, tag us at @goroundrock so we can see how much fun you had! See you soon.