Murals in Round Rock,TX

Mural mural on the wall, we know where to find them all! We searched high and low for the ideal backdrop for your next social media post. Round Rock is an artistic hub with a gallery of murals and street art throughout the city. So without further ado, here’s the ultimate Round Rock mural list. Happy snapping!

Dell Diamond

Photo of a post card that says greetings from Round Rock.

Greetings from Round Rock, the Sports Capital of Texas! We had to start our mural tour with the iconic postcard inside Dell Diamond. During the seventh-inning stretch sneak off to the wall near Goodstock Grill for a photoshoot! This mural is sure to score with the fam.

Sharon Hart Prete Plaza

Photo of a vivid canvas with flowers and a bird.

The City of Round Rock likes to “beautify” every nook and cranny of the city, so you will see public art throughout. The main epicenter for artwork is in Prete Plaza in the heart of downtown. Radiant creations adorn the walls and attract visitors near and far.

Papi’s Pies

Photo of two people taking a selfie infant of a mural with butterflies and sunflowers.

Cherry pie and a photo shoot? Yes, please! Papi’s Pie is dedicated to the arts, and they have lovely compositions from local artists. They have a vivid outdoor friendship mural that was created by local artists. It’s a slice of art heaven in Round Rock!

The Ruby Hotel

Live it up at the Ruby Hotel and get a photo of this fanciful mural. The Ruby Hotel is also a big supporter of the arts, and they have pop-up galleries every last Tuesday of the month.


Along Brown Street and West Main are three picturesque greeting cards! What originally was a typical parking garage structure has now been transformed into a Kodak moment. Get your camera out and strut your stuff.

Haute Boutique

Capture a heavenly moment at Haute Boutique! These stunning angel wings mural on the west side of the boutique are begging for a photoshoot. Snap a divine selfie after you shop and let your Instagram soar!

Urban Eat.Drink

Eat, drink, and get a photo by this mural! Urban Eat.Drink has a gorgeous outdoor mural with vibrant colors and stunning creative work. Make a wish on the dandelion while you’re there!

MC Escher Inspired Round Rock Mural

Photo via: Artist Couple

We have our eye on this 60ft mural in Round Rock, TX! It’s located next to an optometrist and showcases city landmarks like the iconic water tower, longhorns, and the famous Round Rock. The mural has an MC Escher-inspired geometric pattern that highlights Texas’s monarch migration and hints at the importance of eye care with its optical illusion!

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking

Photo via:

The octopus mural at Salt Traders is so tenta-cool! Seize the moment and take a selfie in front of it after you enjoy a heaping plate of fresh seafood.

The Kenney Fort Pub

Photo via: Kenney Fort

Do you hear that? This mural is calling! Trick your friends into believing you jetted off to London by posing in front of the British-inspired murals at The Kenney Fort Pub. Your Instagram followers will be gobsmacked when they discover it was taken in Round Rock!

Monster Mini Golf

Frodo and other famous figures come to life at Monster Mini Golf! The paintings here are precious, and the artist did an impeccable job. Plus, the artwork glows in the dark, which adds an extra exciting touch!

The Yogurt Experience

Photo via: Rebecca Darling

Looking to add some color to your day with a refreshing cup of fro-yo and a vibrant mural backdrop? Look no further than The Yogurt Experience! Their wide selection of delicious yogurt and toppings will satisfy your cravings and make you smile. Visit them to brighten up your day!

Tru Hotel

This mural TRU-ly represents Round Rock! It has it all, sports, donuts, music, and more! If you’re staying at the Tru Hilton Hotel, make sure to get a photo after your continental breakfast!

Waffle Love

Come for the waffles, stay for the artwork! Waffle Love creates a waffle and art wonderland. It’s bright, fun and the food is fantastic!

Round Rock Sports Center

Photo via: @hoop2inspire

Celebrate your triumph with a shot in front of the Round Rock Sports Center photo wall. It’s a winning backdrop to remember your time playing sports in Texas!

Embassy Suites

The Embassy Suites in Round Rock has wall art aplenty. They have Round Rock inspired murals near the elevators on floors with guest rooms! In addition, there is a Texas-inspired mural in the Bar Louie that is connected to the property.

The murals tell the story of Round Rock and showcase our artistic culture. See them for yourself and capture the essence of our city! If you take a photo and post it on social media, tag us at @goroundrock, we love to see your shots!